Rekordbox mobile releases on Android


Rekordbox mobile releases on Android

Pioneer DJ release Rekordbox mobile on Android.

Pioneer DJ this morning announced the release of Rekordbox V3 for Android. Catching up with the iOS variant released a year ago, the app allows for library management on the move. With Android currently dominating the mobile market with a whopping 72% compared to Apple’s 27%, the demand for this application has been high.

Used in conjunction with the user’s Dropbox account, the app alongside Rekordbox 6 allows users to take their library on the move with them. Preparing tracks with analysis, hot cues and loops on the road via their phones before syncing all changes wirelessly with their computers collection.

Rekordbox Android

The android application, much like the iOS variant, mirrors the looks and feel of Rekordbox 6. Designed to be used one-handed, the application harnesses the same processing power as export mode on desktop. There’s even a dual deck preview mode, enabling the user to preview what a potential mix might sound like.

Unlike iOS however, the application sadly cannot connect to a CDJ or XDJ player for direct playback. Removing the ability to play music straight from the application is a blow for Android users wanting to use their phones as a backup thumb drive.

However, this change was expected, with Android notoriously lagging behind iOS in most DJ applications. This is due to poor audio drivers and developing one application to run on a wide variety of hardware. 

Rekordbox for Android (ver. 3.0) is available for free download now.
Cloud sync features require dropbox and a creative plan subscription.

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  1. Erik

    Is it still problem to use android phone to connect to XDJ/CDJ as player for direct playback?

    • Holland

      I believe it’s now possible in Version 3.0

  2. djejbeats

    This is so awesome! saw you guys post it up this morning! Is there a way to save the files to your SD card and not your local phone storage?? Thank you!

    • Alejandro

      There’s no way to do that, because that would make sense -_-


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