Numark NVII Review & Guide

Numark NVII Review

Numark NVII Review & Guide

Whats makes the Numark NVII so special?

We managed to get our hands the Numark NVII and just had to do a detailed review as to why this controller is so unique. This is the follow up to the ever popular Numark NV, one of the first DJ controller to add on board displays. So what makes the second instalment so special?

Numark NVII Feature Overview

It’s a 4 channel DJ controller that come’s with the complete version of Serato DJ. It also works with Virtual DJ and can be manually mapped out to work with other popular DJ software.

The controller has all the common features you would expect to find on most DJ controllers of its size and price. From the usual EQs, upfaders, crossfader and jog wheels, a full size pitch adjust, to performance pads which actually have 10 different modes ready to use. From hot cues, and auto loop, to slicer, roll and beat jump amongst much more you certainly have an abundance of creative tools at your disposal.

The jog wheels are 5inches in size and are very responsive. You can scratch using this controller however, if one of your goals is to learn to scratch, maybe choose a controller with bigger jog wheel’s.

Numark NVii

What makes this controller stand out then?

  • The full colour displays!

It’s 4.3inch full colour on board displays are the real selling point to this controller! Being able to scroll through your library and crates, to even organising by bpm, key or artist is such an amazing feature. You can also toggle between a couple of different views, such as being able to see the scrolling waveform complete with grid markers, or with the touch of a button switch to your loops and beat jump options. Bpm, key and time elapsed/remaining are all displayed right there on the screen too as well as your FX levels. The screens are really useful, mainly stopping you from staring at a laptop and focusing on whats going on in front of you.

  • The touch FX.

Numark have integrated touch capacitive knobs into this controller, basically meaning you can activate the mode and then apply effects by just touching the FX level. It even has a mode that can apply a roll as you use the filter, which sounds great when using it on a build up. You can also kill eq’s just by touching them or assign any Serato DJ effect to the filter too. They really are fun to play with!

numark nv2 touch fx

Who is this controller best suited to?

We would recommend this controller to any mobile DJ who wants to add some creative flare to their mixing. Its very portable, perfect for taking to parties and gigs. It’s also a great option for club DJs who need a smaller set up at home. The on board screen feel very familiar to anybody who uses USB with the current players that are on the market. We wouldn’t recommend this controller for specific scratch DJs even though you are able to scratch on it.

Just bare in mind this is a DJ controller and not a standalone unit. There is an aux input however you can’t plug turntables/CDJs in and use them on the extra channels it offers. The 3rd and 4th decks are just reserved for Serato DJ. This controller does not work as a DVS set up.


You certainly get a lot for your money with the Numark NVII and we’re huge fans of what this controller has to offer! We could happily jump on this controller and perform some really creative routines as well as feel comfortable playing long sets on it. We hope this review has helped if you’re thinking about buying this controller.


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