Numark DJ2GO2 Touch – First Look & Review

Numark DJ2GO Touch2 Review

Numark DJ2GO2 Touch – First Look & Review

Numark update their smallest controller for 2020

The DJ2GO range of controllers have long been a bestseller for Numark. Given their low price point and backpack sized portability it’s easy to see why this controller is a firm favourite with beginner DJ’s and professionals alike. The original controller launched almost a decade ago and it hasn’t aged well thanks to it’s cheap construction and questionable styling.

However the updated DJ2GO2 proved to be a massive success. Fixing many of the original units flaws it sat unrivalled for many years in the ultra portable category. Not everything was perfect in the second variation of the controller though. Given its size, Numark had opted not to include any EQ, nor did Numark give the controller touch sensitive jog wheels meaning you could never scratch or enable “vinyl mode”.

This sadly meant that you could reach the limits of the controller quite quickly. Hampering DJ’s who’s creativity outweighed the ability of the controller. When rival Hercules came along in 2018 and released the Starlight Control. With basic EQ and touch sensitive jog wheels in an almost identical sized controller.

The scene was set for this, the brand new Numark DJ2GO2 Touch, the third version of Numark’s pioneering controller.

Evolution not Revolution?

As you may have noticed in the name, the new controller is more of an update rather than a brand new controller. Numark hasn’t opted to call this the DJ2GO3 as many would have expected, instead they have just added the word “touch” to the end of the controllers existing name. This is a wise move and one that really tells you much of what you need to know about the device.

It’s not a brand new device and at first glance you most would struggle to tell the controller apart from the existing DJ2GO2. Think of this more as an evolution rather than a revolution. Adding silver touch sensitive jog wheels being the only real change other than grey knobs on the level knobs.

These are welcome changes, no doubt but we are left wondering why Numark didn’t opt to make bigger changes to the controller given the praise the rival Hercules controller recently received.

Streaming on a budget

Being Serato DJ Lite compatible, the Numark DJ2GO2 Touch is one of the cheapest controllers on the market that you can use with an established software platform. With Tidal and Souncloud GO streaming capability recently added to Serato, the DJ2GO2 Touch is a fantastic way of trying DJ’ing out on a budget.

No longer does a first time DJ need to spend hundreds on equipment and music, with a $79 controller they can unlock Serato and stream their music straight in.

A fantastic way of enticing the next generation of DJ’s into the craft with physical control rather than touching phone and tablet screens with little to no haptic feedback.

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