Noise Sweep Tricks – Pioneer DDJ 1000 Tutorial

DJ Tutorial

Noise Sweep Tricks – Pioneer DDJ 1000 Tutorial

Pioneer DDJ 1000 Creative Mixing Tutorial

In these lessons taken directly from our DJ Hub, you will learn how to get creative with the noise effect on your DJ controller! The noise effect is excellent for creating build-ups and cutting in and out using the upfader/crossfader. It’s a technique that has become popular with pro DJs! Learn how to perform this technique and then adapt it further if you own a four-channel controller in the follow-up lesson!

Noise Sweep Cutting Tutorial

3 Deck Mixing Techniques

If you own a DJ controller with 4 channels then you can start to master some more awesome 3 deck and 4 mixing techniques. This one technique can be applied to a third channel to instantly level up your transitions.

Introducing The DJ Hub

Have you enjoyed the lessons above? If so then we have hundreds of advanced tutorials, mix breakdowns, tech hacks and more within the DJ Hub. This area is updated weekly with new content and get access to exclusive community groups.

The DJ Hub is available across all devices and we even have a dedicated iOS app to learn on the go. Not only will you be able to mix like a Pro DJ but you can connect with other DJs from all over the world in our exclusive Facebook Group and Discord server. Ready to learn more? Just click here.

DJ Courses For Rekordbox Controllers

Need to catch up on the fundamentals and learn how to truly master your equipment and software? Check out our Rekordbox courses below.


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