Free DJ Lesson: Using Acapellas Creatively in your DJ Sets

Acapella Tutorial

Free DJ Lesson: Using Acapellas Creatively in your DJ Sets

Learn Advanced Mixes Using Acapellas

Acapellas are great tools for DJs to use but sometimes its hard to know how to use them effectively!

In this lesson, learn how to get creative with acapellas by swapping the beat out underneath.

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Part 1 – Mastering Quick Mixing and Adding Advanced Creative Tricks to Your Mix

We get straight into some really advanced tricks to help make your mixes and sets unique. Some of these tricks are fast paced to help create energy in your DJ sets. We focus on how to stand out as a DJ and how to play to a crowd.

Part 2 – Transitions Between Different Genres and Completely Different BPMs

Being able to move throughout your music library with ease and play a set to any crowd and situation is vital. In this part we teach countless ways to transition between genres, moving up and down drastically in BPM value’s. We even look at how to remix a hip hop track into a house track to create a totally unique mix. Even if you’re set on playing a particular genre of music, mastering these skills will only help you come up with new ideas and build confidence in your DJ sets.

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Part 3 – Mastering Acapella’s

Acapella’s can be a tricky thing to mix. Usually analysed wrong, we focus on how to manually beat match acapella’s by ear as well as how to correct the grids to make mixing them much easier. Acapella’s are such a great tool to creating unique mixes. We focus on using hot cue play to chop up acapella’s and create some really unique live mixes. This part will also really help with understanding different timings and rhythms within music.

Part 4 – Scratching and Focusing on Tricks with Various Genres

This part of the course dives deep into even more new ways to creatively mix your music. From learning how to scratch drop into the next track, to various advanced tricks that work with different styles of music. Focusing on extended mixes and having two tracks weave in and out of each other really helps you break the mould of mixing intro’s to outro’s.

Part 5 – Sequence Call and Wordplay Transitions

Moving into the final part of this course it’s time to really explore some seriously creative ways to mix. We take the sampler to the next level with the sequence call feature. Recording a pattern of samples while mixing between two songs is so much fun. Guaranteed it takes a bit of preparation and practice but these are the kind of tricks that will make you stand out from the crowd. After that we focus on wordplay transitions. How many times have you heard the word ‘Love’ or ‘Baby’ in songs. You may have heard a song and recognised a sample that has been used. We focus on how to take advantage of these songs, therefore coming at your sets from a whole new angle.


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