How to mix EDM – Three Easy DJ Mixing Techniques


How to mix EDM – Three Easy DJ Mixing Techniques

If you like EDM music and want to mix in the same style as some of the genre’s biggest names, Lawrence James is on hand to show you three EDM mixing methods. From Martin Garrix to Calvin Harris, here are three of the best mixing techniques for EDM music!

Loop Tightening

The loop tightening method involves the DJ activating a loop on the outgoing track just before the drop. In our example, Lawrence has both tracks playing in phrase, building towards a moment when both tracks will drop at the same time. Lawrence then activates a one beat loop just before both tracks drop.

Pressing the loop out button allows Lawrence to change the loop end point, moving the jog wheel to tighten the loop. As the other track continues to build towards the drop, Lawrence tightens the loop until a note forms, adding a subtle amount of reverb to exaggerate the sound. Removing the looped track just as the other track drops.

Drop Swap

In this example, Lawrence once again has two tracks playing in phrase. Allowing both tracks to play at full volume through the breakdown, Lawrence quickly pulls out the first track just as the drop of the second happens.

This effect works best when mixing harmonically, to learn more about mixing in key click here. To add a bit of flair, perform vocal stabs from the outgoing track, using hot cues and reverb.

Drop Looping

Similar to the Loop Tightening, this method again involves having two tracks building towards their drops. Just like loop tightening a one beat loop is activated just before the drop. Instead of tightening the loop, this time the crossfader will be used to stab the looping sound in and out of the second tracks drop.

This effect becomes particularly effective when a vinyl brake effect is applied on the final stab.

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Learn more DJ skills just like this!

Enjoy mixing EDM? Here are some of our best-suited DJ courses for learning more advanced mixing techniques!


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