Getting the perfect BPM on a DJM Mixer Effects

Perfect BPM on DJM Mixer

Getting the perfect BPM on a DJM Mixer Effects

The effects unit on the DJM series of Pioneer mixers is a common sight and most DJ’s will be familiar with how it works. You select the channel you want to effect, then select the effect you want to apply, check the BPM has auto-detected correctly and away you go. However, as many DJ’s will have found, the auto BPM can be a little off at times.

This can be fixed by tapping in the BPM manually, however, for long transitions, it can often be hard to dial in a super accurate BPM. However, what many DJ’s don’t know is there is a way to manually set the perfect BPM.

The effect unit is found on the righthand side of the majority of the Pioneer DJ mixers.

To manually input the perfect BPM on the Pioneer DJ DJM mixers, we need to press and hold the TAP button. Whilst holding the TAP button twist the TIME knob and you will see the BPM changing in perfect values on screen. For a more precise BPM values, you can adjust the tenths of a BPM by holding the AUTO/TAP button at the same time as pressing and holding the TAP button. When both are held, you can twist the TIME knob and input the .1’s of a BPM.

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