How to get your next 100 followers


How to get your next 100 followers

Yes, gang!
I hope you are doing well and not as cold as I am here in the UK; the weather has turned COLD!!! It’s not what I need when I’m travelling around late-night doing gigs, but we keep it moving!

So I’ve been looking for good DJ content from all over the place, especially from YOU, the Crossfader community. I really want to show our audience some of the talent out there, and I have been saving and favouriting some that I love from every level, beginner to advanced!

However, I ran into a problem…

Thousands of DJs clicked on the poll, but as I spent an hour looking through various accounts, I realised that the amount of really good DJ content was lacking slightly, whether that was the consistency of posts, the quality or both.

So, I want to stress the importance of content. This doesn’t mean posting a pic of you DJing on Monday and then posting a blurry video of your set from the weekend next week. I’m talking about posting once OR TWICE per day.

How you can create more posts in less time 🕠

My advice is that you’re going to want to break this up into days. Each day will require a different headspace. Plus, when you split anything up into manageable chunks, you’re guaranteed to feel a sense of achievement, which is motivation in itself.

Monday – Step 1 – Idea Generation

You are going to write one idea for a post into a calendar (physical or digital, it doesn’t matter)

– Mash Up
– Top 5 ‘xxx’
– 3 Throwbacks from ‘xxx’
– About me

Fill out every single day of the month with Ideas

Tuesday – Step 2 – Get Organised

Now, you need to be preparing your tracks and organising in to playlists for your planned content. Set hot cues, find acapellas, etc. If you plan to post images as well, write out the captions for the posts in your notes.
Pro-tip: If you are posting photos. WRITE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN IN YOUR DESCRIPTIONS!

Wednesday – Step 3 – Film

Notice why I advise you to split everything up into days? It’s because these three steps require different head spaces for you to get in the zone. You don’t want to be in an ‘organised state of mind’, then try to get creative on the decks!

The best part about this method is now you know what you are going to film, and you can BATCH CREATE all of your content without ‘thinking’ about what you are going to create.

What do you notice about this screenshot? Same clothes, same lighting, same set up. That’s because they were all pretty much filmed on the same day!

Thursday- Step 4- Edit

You will now have sooooo much content filmed. You can now edit everything and keep them in your drafts if your editing is inside Instagram or TikTok. Or save them on your camera roll if you edit inside an editor like Capcut.

Friday – Step 5 – Schedule

Because you will now have so much content, I advise scheduling it all so you don’t have to post everything manually. We use LATER.COM, which I highly recommend. You drag in your media, drag your content onto the calendar, write out your captions and click ‘auto-publish’

Making The Most of Free Advertising 🆓

I know I’ve already said this, but content is key! If you can apply the above steps, I’m sure you will see a big, if not huge uplift in your followers. Free advertising is often a lot more successful than paid advertising when you’re starting up. If the next step for you on your DJing journey is to get booked for more gigs, check out this free lesson from our dedicated ‘How To Get Gigs’ course.

Free Lesson Here!!

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What I’m Listening To: 🎧

Here is what I’m listening to right now! Just Hip Hop and drill for me the last few weeks. I think it’s because I haven’t played a Hip Hop set this month, and I’m dying to!

What I’m Watching: 💻

Chase & Status Boiler Room set is absolute LEVELS!! I was listening to this set at the gym, and It got me so gassed I honestly think I could’ve out-bench-pressed Dwayne Johnson.

video preview


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