Engine DJ 3.0 – New Performance Features

engine dj 3

Engine DJ 3.0 – New Performance Features

Engine DJ goes 3.0! 

The powerful software at the heart of various Denon DJ gear, and Numark all-in-ones, evolves with a new mega creative drop-sampler and convenient wireless Desktop music library access.

Parent company, InMusic, have become known for offering DJs great value and ground-breaking features. With this update, they demonstrate that Engine deserves to be a frontrunner alongside Rekordbox and Serato.

To get DJs on board, they have released plenty of capable hardware running Engine in recent years. All at very competitive prices. Now they’ve refined their music management platform to double down on its appeal!

Here we check out the new abilities of Engine DJ hardware and the Engine DJ Desktop app to see what they’re now bringing to the scene.      

New Features in Engine DJ hardware

Following on from the ground-breaking release of Engine 2.0 in late 2021, 3.0 brings the heat with more industry-firsts!

Drop Sampler 

Engine 3 introduces the first built-in Drop Sampler for standalone DJ systems and media players. All Engine DJ devices now offer 8 slots to store and trigger samples or entire songs

Access to a drop sampler is vital for creative DJs who want to add excitement to their mix by incorporating unique musical elements and samples. 

Until now, this feature was only available on laptop-based DJ software or dedicated sampler hardware. 

With Engine DJ 3.0, DJs now have access to a drop sampler on standalone DJ systems and media players for the first time.

Loaded samples are retained in their slots even after power cycles and the media source has been ejected, ensuring frequently used samples are always ready to drop into the mix! 

In addition to the Sampler, all Engine DJ devices now include a broad selection of preloaded samples. These include complete drum kits, scratch phrases, risers, impact hits, and other various effects

Sampler in Engine 3.0

Now With Remote Library Streaming

For extra convenience, access to your entire Engine DJ Desktop music collection is possible on your Engine DJ hardware via Wi-Fi or a wired network. This saves the need to export music to a drive from Engine DJ Desktop.

Engine Remote Library also makes it easier to prepare music with hot cues and loops and make beat-grid adjustments with physical Engine DJ hardware controls rather than rely on a mouse in the desktop app. 

Playlist and performance data updates are reflected on both Engine DJ hardware and the desktop app in real-time.

New performance display options 

All Engine DJ devices now offer the Performance Pad Heads-Up Display. This allows the user to easily see Hot Cue and Loop names, loaded Samples, as well as Loop and Roll time divisions. All in a dedicated part of the main screen

Saving effect parameters

Parameter values are now reset to the factory default when loading new effects. However, they can be retained for future use if the user prefers. 

Numark Mixstream Pro

Improvements and Fixes to software running on Engine DJ hardware

There have been many minor updates and stability improvements to the software. Solutions range from removing false Wi-Fi error messages, to adding a Factory Reset option to a fatal error dialogue box.

Desktop app updates

The Sync Manager mechanism for calculating Playlist and track differences between two drives has been improved. Now preparing drives for playback on Engine DJ hardware has been made even easier and more efficient.

A bug that meant some users’ Sync Manager left a child playlist checked even when the parent playlist was unchecked has been fixed.

Further stability improvements have also fixed a potential crash that could occur during bulk analysis.

Updating to Engine DJ 3

Engine DJ 3 is out now and available here

The update can take some time, depending on your music collection size. For larger databases on removable drives, it is recommended to update to Engine DJ 3 on Desktop for faster database migration. The advice from Engine is to update well before using it in a live environment.

Engine on!

Engine continues to innovate and offer great value to their users. This set of feature updates will prove a welcome addition, especially to open-format DJs who use samples. 

And remote access to desktop music is another Engine first convenience sure to save live-streaming and studio-based DJs a lot of hassle.

Engine is confident that this upgrade will allow users to push creative boundaries and build their DJ performances like never before.

Get yourself performance ready for the updated Engine DJ with our Denon DJ Prime courses. They cover everything from setting up an Engine device to using the advanced features that set them apart from the competition!

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