Denon DJ SC Live 2 – Review & Walkthrough

denon dj sc live 2

Denon DJ SC Live 2 – Review & Walkthrough

All-in-one DJ units are gaining popularity, but the choices are limited. Most are incredibly portable but lack features. Getting a full club experience usually means choosing a bigger, four-channel unit over a smaller two channel one.

Denon DJ are set to change that!

Introducing the Denon DJ SC Live 2. Part of a new range of all-in-one controllers also including the SC Live 4, designed to give aspiring and intermediate DJs a true club experience whilst offering domestic conveniences such as:

  • Built-in wi-fi;
  • music streaming;
  • speakers, and;
  • lighting controls, all in a tightly integrated package!

At the heart of this 2-channel standalone is a 7” high-res multi-touch screen running the proven and powerful operating system, Engine DJ OS.

In a fresh assault on the competition, Denon DJ pull out all the stops to prepare users to step up to a club-standard rig by utilising the tech and layout of their flagship Prime series of modular equipment. The SC Live 2 packs the best of Prime into a streamlined unit suited to domestic and professional DJs alike. 

And to add to the convenience, there’s also the world-exclusive ability to stream lossless audio directly from Amazon Music Unlimited!

Small but mighty, this all-in-one has real potential to make an impact. Let’s find out what’s been jam-packed into this feature-rich device!

Amazon delivers music directly to your set 

In a world first, the Live units have integrated access to Amazon Music Unlimited alongside 5 other well-established streaming platforms. Their library boasts a healthy selection of music for DJs to get stuck into, meaning getting up and running with an enormous music collection takes no time at all!

With an exclusive secure chipset meeting Amazon’s strict requirements for music streaming, the Live series are the first and, currently, only units in the world to have this ability. 

A valid subscription is required, and grants access to over 75 million tracks in lossless quality, with millions more in an even higher, studio-grade quality. Streaming is now likely to sound even better than playing from a USB stick and is in prime position to become the favoured media choice! 

  • Currently, only 2 tracks from Amazon can be streamed at a time, so if two Amazon tracks are in the mix, a third cannot be previewed. Amazon Music only allows one device to stream at a time, meaning no simultaneous use of your streaming subscription is possible.
  • Users can only access Amazon’s streaming service when the SC Live devices are used in standalone mode with Engine DJ OS
  • The devices both support Serato DJ Pro and VirtualDJ in HID mode, meaning great versatility and expandability plus savings on a Serato DJ Pro subscription as they hardware-unlock this popular DJ platform!

Using the SC Live 2 in HID mode with Serato DJ Pro

Wi-fi is built-in, ensuring easy access to a web connection at home or in a music studio environment. Thanks to Engine DJ OS being so comprehensive, a computer is not needed for analysing tracks or software updates. This makes the SC Live 2 truly standalone as DJs don’t need to download music either!

Additional built-in streaming partners:

See here for more on streaming providers for DJs. 

Light Show

Engine DJ OS now includes Engine Lighting: built-in control for performance visuals. Creating ambience on a live stream or at a live event has now been made effortless! 

The SC Live 2 has a dedicated button which instantly launches access to automatic and pre-programmed, beat-synced light shows. Users have full parameter controls over many lighting effects, including colour, intensity and strobe and can easily integrate Engine Lighting with 

Nanoleaf lighting

The SC Live 2’s build

Taking a leaf from sister company Numark’s insanely popular Mixstream Pro all-in-one, the Live devices have built-in speakers to start your DJ sessions with minimal fuss.  

This is great for daily practice sessions on the road and at home. The speakers can also serve as a booth monitor system in conjunction with master speakers during live performances. Or they can be turned off with an easy-to-reach dedicated switch.

The SC Live 2 has a full club experience condensed into a streamlined, lightweight unit. With a footprint bigger than the previously mentioned Mixstream Pro, this unit packs in enough mixing functions to not feel compromised, as is the case with the Numark unit.

The mixer section has a traditional 3-band full-kill EQ section and SWEEP FX knobs, allowing quick access to four instantly gratifying effects, including filter and echo. 

This represents the same layout found on the Denon DJ X1800 and X1850 club mixers and is in line with their leading competitor’s flagship mixer design. Users comfortable working with this equipment will instantly feel familiar when transitioning onto club gear.

The right-hand side of the mixer is assigned to BPM FX, with 13 studio-grade effects being selectable by scrolling a list on the bottom section of the main central screen, or just underneath the waveform overviews if the scrolling waveforms are in vertical mode. This is genius use of the main screen, allowing detailed information, such as the technicalities of an effect to be displayed at a glance. It’s just as easy to read from as the small effects readout screens found on club mixers.

Its high-definition 7” main display is multi-touch and supports gestures like pinching and zooming, making the user experience feel like a smartphone or tablet. 

Vertical waveforms on the SC Live 2’s screen

The screen’s primary function is to take care of waveforms, the graphic representations of playing tracks. Waveforms are displayed in full-length static form or are zoomed-in and scroll depending on user preference. In the mix, they are stacked side by side or one on top of another. This displays really well on a screen of this size as Engine DJ utilises the space to maximum effect!

Engine DJ OS allows users to analyse music files on-the-fly. This is a serious plus over the competition where a computer is needed for this task.

The OS also updates over the air via wi-fi rather than via a USB which is the norm on other gear. Convenience really is a key ingredient of the SC Live range!

The deck sections include a full-sized pitch fader with pitch bend buttons, looping controls, 4 performance pads with a dedicated bank button for quick access to 4 more, and transport controls. Essentially, everything needed to quickly achieve the sound you want in the mix!

The jog wheels are a decent 6” in size and have high accuracy for scrubbing, spin-backs and scratching. 

The I/O

I/O is comprehensive:

  • Unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR jacks for Master speakers make hooking the unit into a professional sound system easy as there’s no need to go through an external mixing board. 
  • 1 x balanced microphone TRS input jack offering the ability to make public announcements with a dedicated volume control on the mixer section.

Media inputs – Other than streaming the music in, DJs can use one of the following ports to play their local media, 

  • 2x USB-A ports for sticks of audio plus a USB-B port for connection to a laptop. 
  • An SD card reader for even more audio.


The Denon DJ SC Live 2 has a recommended retail price of  £949 / $1299

The SC Live 2 packs plenty into its small frame. Space-conscious mobile DJs, live streamers and those looking to step up from basic gear will all benefit from these features. 

Its only true drawback against the SC Live 4, besides the obvious 2 extra channels, is the lack of an auxiliary input.

The Live family fills the void of capable intermediate equipment running Engine DJ OS as there are now entry-level, intermediate and professional products available.

This range of units appears to be the next strategic step in a well-thought-out battle plan by Denon DJ’s parent company. 

Whilst it’s no secret that a single competitor currently dominates the DJ scene, Engine OS devices are the first sign of upsetting that market lead we’ve had since the early 2000s!

That’s good news for the consumer as it makes for a healthier marketplace and a lower barrier to entry for advanced DJ features in an easy-to-move device.

Want to brush up your Engine DJ OS skills or learn how to use a specific piece of Denon DJ hardware? We’ve got you covered with our Denon DJ courses.

Or if you’d like lifetime access to absolutely ALL our industry-certified courses and content, with ongoing support and feedback from the pros, our Complete DJ Package has you covered like never before! Learn more about this game-changing opportunity to become the best DJ you can be, fast. Guaranteed!




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  1. Peppa Wutz

    Price has been reduced, please update.

    Compared to the Live 4, it also lacks the 8 RGB pads, the 2nd Mic, Jog displays, Booth Out. This should get mentioned. It is a great alternative to the Mixstream and even more similar priced RR, though.

  2. Juxx

    I have a Numark Mixstream Pro…. seems this would be a Side Grade at best not a full Upgrade. Maybe the build Quality or platters have a better feel. But other than more Effects to choose from. I cant justify +$500 price. Thanks for the timely Information.


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