Denon DJ release Engine 1.6

Denon Engine Prime News

Denon DJ release Engine 1.6

Denon DJ today announced the release of Engine 1.6 for compatible prime players. The update is one of the biggest yet, it brings Dropbox integration, stacked waveforms and much more to the Prime series of players. We’re really pleased to see that these updates not only bring ground breaking features to their recent players, but include the older SC5000 models too.

The rate of development from Denon DJ has been extremely impressive with the Engine software. For a long time the lack of flexible beat grids has held the software back. We’re happy to see this issue has been addressed alongside the introduction of Beatsource and Dropbox. Both allowing users to access more DJ friendly edits legally over the internet!

Dropbox Personal Cloud Integration

Adding to its standalone streaming capabilities, Engine OS takes one step further, giving DJs access to their music collections on Dropbox. Users can now sync their Engine PRIME collection to Dropbox and then access it remotely on their decks from anywhere in the world. Users can also access Dropbox music folders directly on Engine OS hardware without having to use Engine PRIME. Both workflows offer Engine users free access to their music stored in Dropbox.

To celebrate this integration, Dropbox and Denon DJ are giving all Engine OS users a free 6-month 25GB space boost . Register your Engine OS product today by clicking here to unlock this exclusive promotion.

Beatsource LINK Streaming Service

Music streaming for open format DJs has arrived with Beatsource LINK. Working with top record labels and pro DJs around the world, Beatsource LINK provides a variety of music and playlists curated specifically for open format DJs. From any Engine OS device, DJs can browse, search, and play Beatsource LINK’s extensive collection without the need for a computer.

As with all streaming services, performance data such as BPM, Key, Hot Cues, and Loops are saved to the DJ’s source drive and instantly recalled the next time the track is loaded.

For more info on Beatsource LINK and their subscription offerings click here.

Flexible Beat Grids

Engine PRIME v1.6 now has the ability to manually create dynamic beat grids for songs with multiple BPMs. Users can now place various tempo anchors to assign BPM values to different sections of the song.

This functionality is essential for transition or multi-genre tracks that have intentional tempo changes. Decks running v1.6 automatically detect tracks with flexible beat grids and apply BPM changes to keep everything in perfect sync.

Dual-Waveform View for Layers (SC5000/M & SC6000/M)

One of the most powerful features of the PRIME Series media players is the ability to play two tracks from a single deck. Engine OS 1.6 features a brand new stacked waveform view that makes mixing between layers easier than ever.

Engine 1.6 - Dual Waveform

DJs can now see track info boxes, performance pad feedback, and two horizontal moving waveforms for each layer, all available in a single view. To access dual waveform mode, simply press SHIFT+VIEW.

Track Preview

The ability to preview a track directly from the library is now available for all Engine OS devices including the PRIME 4. Users can tap the album artwork from the track list to quickly preview without having to load the track first.

Additionally, users can tap across the track title to ‘needle-drop’ audition different sections of the song. This is an immense time saver when browsing for the next song, especially in the most critical moments of the mix.

In addition, v1.6 brings the following notable enhancements:

  • Added Re-trigger option for Saved Loops (All Engine OS devices)
  • Various rekordbox import improvements including retaining Hot Cue Colour, Importing Hot Cue Loops as Loops, and retaining Date Added field (Engine PRIME)
  • Improved collection navigation behaviour & double tap to load (All Engine OS devices)

Download files and full release notes are available now from the Official Denon DJ Website.

Video Performance

In this video, Jamie takes to the SC6000 players to demonstrate the new features of V1.6 firmware in action. With Dropbox integration and stacked waveforms, watch as Jamie throws down an amazing four deck mix using just two players!

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