Pioneer DDJ-FLX4 Smart Fader Tutorial – Mix ANY Genre!

smart fader tutorial

Pioneer DDJ-FLX4 Smart Fader Tutorial – Mix ANY Genre!

With the introduction of the new Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX4 came the latest in automated DJ technology. Smart fader allows DJs to easily mix between genres that have a large gap between their BPM’s. Using the feature synchronises the songs together and then slowly moves the BPM’s during the transition so you end up at the new song’s original BPM all whilst applying some neat echo effect at the end of the transition.

This is a very powerful tool, but like anything automated in DJ software, it needs a bit of practice to understand how to nail the transition so it sounds clean. The button can’t quite do everything.

In this tutorial, we demonstrate how to use the Smart Fader to mix music with wide BPM values. If you enjoy this tutorial then check out our Beginner Rekordbox Course. This course is applicable to the DDJ-FLX4 as well as any other rekordbox-ready DJ controller.

Smart Fader Tutorial

Learn How To DJ With The Pioneer DDJ-FLX4

If you’ve found this tutorial useful, our dedicated FLX4 courses can help you master this awesome device!

The FLX4 Beginner Course is perfect for getting up and running and learning all you need to know to mix confidently.

The FLX4 Pro Course kicks things up a notch and walks you through more advanced features so you can sound like a pro mixing on flagship club gear!

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  1. William Feeney


  2. RayJ

    I work with SERATO DJ Lite, would it be an issue if I sign up to this course?

    • Joel Paterson

      Not a problem, Serato DJ Lite will work just fine for this course.


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