Change the colour of your waveforms

Change Rekordbox Waveform Colours

Change the colour of your waveforms

Pioneer users that have used CDJ’s with visual wave forms will be used to the traditional blue tinted waveforms. From 10 years ago with the original CDJ2000 and the 900 nexus, the blue waveform has become a staple of the Pioneer line up. However Rekordbox Performance users may have noticed a new look with RGB waveforms now becoming the standard. However it doesn’t have to be this way, DJ’s using the latest models in the XDJ and CDJ range along with Rekordbox performance users actually have the choice.

How to change the colour of your waveforms on Rekordbox DJ

To change the colour of your waveforms, first head into preferences. From here click on view and scroll down to the waveform section. It’s here we can choose between the older Blue style waveform and the RGB full colour variety.

Waveform Settings in Rekordbox
Note that changing this setting affects the waveforms in the Rekordbox application only, to change the view on external players see below.

How to change the waveform colours on XDJ/CDJ Players.

You can change the waveform colours on the XDJ-RX2, XDJ-RR, XDJ-1000Mk2 and CDJ2000 Nexus 2 players but this does require your USB/SD card to have been exported with a up to date version of Rekordbox and the tracks analysed with the updated version too. We can set our preferred colour choice into the USB/SD card’s user settings within Rekordbox too, so upon media load we see our preferred colour choice without having to manually load the setting. To do this, head to Rekordbox preffrences, then click the CDJ & Device tab. Under the general tab, we can choose between RGB & Blue waveforms. Note you will need to re export to your USB once you have changed this setting.

CDJ Waveform Settings in Rekordbox
We can change the settings for external devices within Rekordbox, so they load automatically when we insert our media.

Alternatively we can change the colour of the waveform on the unit it’s self. By pressing the shortcut button found to the bottom right of the browse knob on the player we enter a quick settings mode where on screen we can change some settings on the fly. Amongst these to the right is the waveform colour, so if you have forgotten to preset your preference in the Rekordbox application, or you just fancy a change, you can change it on the fly.

RX2 Shortcut
You can change the Waveform colour under the Shortcuts tab

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