BPM Supreme Review

BPM Supreme Review

BPM Supreme Review

When learning how to DJ, many people ask where do DJ’s get their music from? We have a full article (click here) on the various sources of music for DJ’s, but our most favourite is record pools. Record pools have a great variety of music, from latest releases to club classics. BPM Supreme is one of the larger record pools, with many stand out features. Today we take a closer look at BPM Supreme and some of our favourite features of this record pool.  

If you would like to try BPM Supreme for yourself, we have a discount code and affiliate link at the bottom of this article. Use the coupon code: CROSSFADER to get 25% off your first month. 

Large Library Of Music

BPM Supreme boasts a vast library of music for the users to download. Infact many tracks within the BPM Supreme library are exclusive to the platform with great artists and DJ’s only releasing tracks and edit on BPM Supreme. Covering a large number of genres, from Afrobeats to Twerk, each track comes in various versions. Clean, Dirty, Instrumental, Acapella, Custom Edits, Remixes and other varieties are available to download. Here at Crossfader, we were most impressed by the depth of the library, supplying older tracks as well as the modern-day hits.


The Mobile Application

The BPM Supreme application for iOS and Android provides members with access to the library on the go. Perfect for searching for new tracks, the app also allows DJ’s to place tracks in a download basket or playlist. These baskets and playlists are available to download when accessed on a compatible web browser on a desktop. We enjoyed being able to find the latest remixes on the train on the way home from a gig, before downloading our best finds once back home.

bpm supreme app

Scratch Tools

The scratch tools section on BPM Supreme offers DJ’s almost 100 scratch tool tracks. These can be used for training and practising routines or in a live performance. The tracks include scratch sentences, cuts and beats. Usually, this style of scratch tools can be hard to find or have to be purchased individually. Having access to download and keep 94 individual scratch tools is included with the subscription, which is a great value. 

BPM Scratch Tools

BPM Supreme Standard Subscription VS Premium Subscription

The standard subscription to BPM Supreme costs $19.99 a month and gets users access to the record pool. There’s no limits to the downloads and DJ’s can access the same library. However there are some subtle differences to aid DJ’s with the premium plan. The premium plan costs $29.99 and gives users access to the Cloud Rescue, HQ Audio Playback and the Playlist section.

BPM Supreme Cloud Rescue

Cloud rescue is a service to help DJ’s who may have lost their music collection. The site tracks all downloads made by premium users and then allows them to re-download those tracks should they be lost. Perfect for making back ups or restoring music collections!

HQ Audio Playback

Standard users can trial tracks before downloading them with the sites player. However these previews are played at a lower quality and DJ’s won’t hear the full quality version until they download the track. With Premium, the user can preview a track in same high quality as the download.

Playlists and Curated Sets

Curated Sets are hand-selected playlists for different genres and events. These provide great inspiration for DJ’s who might be lacking direction before a gig or event. The playlists section features specialist sections to make finding new music quicker for DJ’s, compiling the most recent hot tracks into genre and location-based playlists. 

BPM Supreme Curated Sets

BPM Supreme Discount Code

Although BPM Supreme don’t offer a free trial period, users can get 25% off their first month by using coupon code: CROSSFADER

(Please note, this is an affiliate offer and is only applicable to new and expired users)

Video Guide

In this guide, we take a closer look at BPM Supreme and create a mix using tracks sourced by the record pool.


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  1. joseph dray


    i would like to know if it s possible to play music downloading from bpm supreme in a club because of copyright
    thank you for your answer
    best regards

    • Holland

      Yes you can 🙂


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