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More and more DJs are slowly converting to streaming services to source their music. Without a doubt, two of the most popular services are Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK. As the name suggests, the two platforms are very similar, leading many DJs to wonder which platform is right for them. In this article, we’re going to look at both services to help make that decision easier.

What is LINK technology?

LINK technology enables DJs the ability to stream tracks from Beatport and Beatsource directly into their DJ software. The technology also allows users to save tracks offline for playback without an internet connection securely. The amount of tracks available to download and store in an offline locker depends on the subscription plan.

Both Beatport and Beatsource LINK can be used legally in a live performance, with a new royalties system ensuring artists receive much more than from regular streaming services. 

What equipment do I need to use Beatport LINK or Beatsource LINK?

  • Serato DJ Lite and Serato DJ Pro
  • Rekordbox DJ (performance mode only)
  • Traktor DJ PRO 3.5
  • Virtual DJ 
  • Algoriddim DJay and DJay PRO
  • WeDJ (Beatport LINK only)
  • Engine OS (Streaming directly on Denon DJ Prime devices)
  • Hercules DJUCED
  • Tribe XR

Beatport LINK

Beatport LINK provides users with the ability to stream any track directly from the Beatport store. Being the worlds largest catalogue of electronic music, Beatport boasts the latest music from the world’s biggest DJs and acts. Superb for DJ’s who want to play the latest tracks, which might not be available on other platforms, the platform also boasts curated playlists and access to view the top 100 selling tracks of any genre. 


Unlocking full track previews on the Beatport store, users can add tracks into their own playlists rather than buying the tracks. These playlists can then be viewed and played inside their DJ software. Offered in three tiers, Beatport LINK starts at just $14.99 per month.

LINK – $14.99 per month, 128 AAC, No Offline Storage
LINK PRO – $29.99 per month, 256 AAC, 50 Offline Tracks
LINK PRO+ – $44.99 per month, 256 AAC, 100 Offline Trakcs

Beatsource LINK

Beatsource LINK is a collaboration between Beatport and DJ City, one of the worlds biggest DJ pools. Combining the Beatport LINK technology with the music and DJs from DJCity, Beatsource LINK aims to offer a complete package for professional DJs. Employing professionals DJs who are specialists in their own genres and fields, Beatsource offers amazing curated playlists. 

beatsource link

Curated playlists focus not only on genres but also events and time of night. The music library also includes a broader range of music with more indie, Latin and hip hop than offered by Beatport. LINK PRO+ subscribers will also have access to a catalogue of into/outro edits, transition tracks and exclusive remixes. Beatsource signing a world-first, exclusive deal with the three largest record labels to legally offer this. 

LINK – $9.99, 128 AAC Streaming, No Offline Storage
LINK PRO+ – $29.99, 256 AAC Streaming, Access To Exclusive DJ Edits, 1000 Offline Storage

Can I convert my playlists in other platforms to Beatport or Beatsource LINK?

Yes! Both services support the easy transfer of your music and playlists from other platforms you may use for casual music listening and discovery like Spotify or Apple Music. You can use either Soundiiz or TuneMyMusic to sync your playlists and libraries for free up to a certain amount of synchronizations, depending on the platform.

Soundiiz –
TuneMyMusic – 


Should I use Beatport LINK or Beatsource LINK?

With both services sharing the same technology, it can be confusing for new users to know which platform is best. As with most things, it all comes down to the music. Beatport LINK is a superb system for DJs who require the most recent electronic music. It suits DJs who know their genre inside out and require tracks from specific artists. The curated playlists are good but far less helpful than those offered by Beatsource, focusing more on trending tracks than specific events.

Beatsource is a brilliant tool for the open format DJ. The curated playlists acting as not only a solid guide but also a great inspiration. The catalogue isn’t as in-depth as Beatport for electronic music, but the broader genre range will suit open format DJs better. The larger offline locker (1000) dwarfs Beatports offerings (100) whilst coming in at a lower price per month. This reflects how much music the traditional open format DJ will typically need access to, compared to a DJ who handpicks their genre-specific music. 

Only you will know which service suits your needs best. We recommend scanning both stores first to gauge an idea of what music both services offer. We’re happy to offer all DJ Hub members an exclusive THREE month FREE trial of either service to allow our community enough time to evaluate both services for themselves! 

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1 Comment
  1. Ivan

    “Both Beatport and Beatsource LINK can be used legally in a live performance, with a new royalties system ensuring artists receive much more than from regular streaming services”

    Are you sure?
    If you read the contract terms:

    “5. Prohibited Use of LINK
    Content streamed on LINK is intended for your personal use only. Use of LINK for public performance purposes will require additional licensing, which is not included as part of your subscription”.

    What’s unclear?


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