7 Non-negotiable DJ Rules

DJ Rules

7 Non-negotiable DJ Rules

The Club Owes Me Money!! 💰

Yes, gang! So much to catch up on since we last spoke in July, including a story (my fault) of chasing up money from a promoter.

I have had such a summer of great gigs! I completed my second set at the iconic Ibiza Rocks. and had a super emotional moment by signing the iconic dressing room wall, seeing my signature up there with some of the world’s most famous DJs, acts, and artists- I’ll never forget that feeling.

signing ibiza rocks wall

I learnt early on that although you’re always going to have a genre you enjoy mixing the most. Being a ‘versatile’ DJ is where it’s at.

This weekend, back in Leeds, I got to play a House set with a big artist in the afternoon to 4000 people, and I also got to play a late-night throwback R&B event in a warehouse, which was sick!

I Made A Mistake: 🥴

I broke one of my 7 DJ non-negotiable rules. This is what they are:
– Never sacrifice a family event for a DJ set
– If I have never worked for the promoter before, payment is upfront
– Always make time for other DJ
– Never negotiate a DJ fee
– Only work with people I vibe with
– Never play the same set twice and play at least 1 new track every set
– Get a hotel if the gig is more that 3 hours from home

These rules have changed and evolved with me over time, but these particular ones have stuck with me for at least 5 years, and in the last couple of months, I broke one of my non-negotiables.

– If I have never worked for the promoter before, payment is upfront!

What happened: ⏰

I got approached by a promoter who wasn’t brand new to me. We had spoken various times over the years, but this was the first time he presented an offer.

I knew a few ‘big’ DJs who had also been booked at the same venue. I did a temperature check, and a few of them had worked for the promoter a few times, so there weren’t any red flags; I took the gig.

I did mention how I would want to be paid upfront or, at the latest on the night. I was then assured that the fee would be delivered within a week of the gig (which is pretty standard).

I was sent the artwork for my show; the venue looked new and incredible, so I ran with it and had a great show.

2 months later

I must have sent 20 whatsapp messages and even more invoice reminders via email; it was draining. As of last night, I FINALLY received payment, and I just started laughing to myself. THIS WAS ALL TOTALLY MY FAULT.

I have these non-negotiables, so sh*t like this can be avoided.

I hope my mistake can be something you take on board in your DJ life. I invite you to make some of your own DJ non-negotiable rules. Don’t just jump into this or feel like mine are worth copying.

These are entirely personal to you and where you are on your DJing journey. Trust me, they will only work if you make these based on what’s important to you!

Everyone Loves A FREEBIE:🎁

At the Crossfader HQ, we are delighted to have launched our BRAND NEW ‘Music Management For DJs’ course.

This course started to be put in motion almost a year ago, and it all came from asking you, the Crossfader community, what your biggest struggles were.

I want to show you a completely free lesson from inside the course and I think you will find so much value inside it.

Danny Music Management

I hated music management for ages. It bored me to death. But after seeing how Danny & Jamie organise so much better and make the process creative, I’ve done a complete 180, and after completing this course, it’s something I enjoy weekly.

This free lesson will take you behind the scenes of Danny’s DJ library. Enjoy and check out the full course below.

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Tune of the Week: 🎧

Is it only people from the UK who love this ‘Organ House’ kind of sound? Seriously, have a listen- especially if you’re not from the UK.

I want you to reply to this email and let me know what you think of these tracks. Prove me wrong, guys; I am genuinely interested to know if my theory is right with this sound being niche in the UK.

I have dropped these 2 tracks at most of my gigs and every DJ has asked what they were:

YouTube Video: 💻

You have been sleeping if you haven’t heard of this guy by now. Hormozy is the top guru in the business world; the best part is he GIVES IT ALL AWAY FOR FREE.


DJing is a business, and I genuinely believe the more you learn from external sources, the better DJ you will become; not only that, how you treat DJing and what you can make of it will all be excellent, too.

There are a bunch of free courses on his website,, and you can watch his latest book launch, which was a super cool event ​here​.

We’re here to support you!

We hope these tips have pointed you in the right direction. Even with this knowledge, be prepared to make plenty of mistakes and fail a few times. It’s all part of the journey and will give you valuable experience that will make you a better DJ. Ultimately though, success doesn’t happen overnight. It’s about putting in the time and dedication to achieve your goals.

But there are ways to speed things along! As well as our Complete DJ Package, designed to help you achieve your DJ dreams fast, we offer a range of comprehensive beginner courses to take your skills to the next level!


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