3 DJ Mixing Tutorial Ideas to Take Your Skills to the Next Level

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3 DJ Mixing Tutorial Ideas to Take Your Skills to the Next Level

Looping Techniques for House Music Mixing

As a DJ mixing house music, you can elevate your transitions by incorporating loops into your sets. One technique is to use vocal loops to add interest and keep the energy flowing on the dance floor.

Looping a catchy vocal phrase or hook can create a seamless transition between tracks. You can also enhance your loops with effects like reverb or delay, adding texture and depth to your mix. Gradually increasing the effect as you transition can create a sense of anticipation and build-up.

Additionally, using cue points to create patterns with your loops can create unique and dynamic transitions. Set up cue points at different intervals within your loop and trigger them in a rhythmic pattern to keep the crowd engaged and wanting more.

Tracks Used In The Lesson (Available From Beatport):

  • TECH IT DEEP – Maria Maria
  • Fred Again… – Kammy (Like I Do)
  • Mau P – Gimme That Bounce
  • Jerome Robins – You’re Not Alone
  • Cloonee – Badman Sound
  • Mesto – Bring It Back

Equipment Used In The Lesson:

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Drop Remixing

Drop remixing is a DJ technique that involves combining two different songs by aligning their drops and using the crossfader to switch between them. This creates a new remix that seamlessly blends both tracks into a single, cohesive mix.

To achieve the best results, it’s important to ensure that the two songs are mixed in key and matched to the same BPM, which will help to create a smooth and harmonious transition.

Drop remixing is a great way to add variety and creativity to your sets, and can be particularly effective in creating memorable moments on the dance floor. By experimenting with different combinations of tracks and drops, you can create unique and exciting remixes that will keep your audience engaged and energized.

Songs Used In Tutorial (Available From Beatport):

  • David Guetta, MORTEN – Element
  • Kaskade, Justus – Dance With Me

Equipment Used In Tutorial:

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Energy Boost Mixing

Before watching this lesson, we recommend you understand what mixing in key is and its theory. You will also need to know about the Camelot notation made for DJs. To find out more about mixing in key click here.

The problem with mixing your whole set following the rules outlined in the article above, such as 7A, 8A, 7A, 7A, 7B, 8B, is that your mix can start to sound quite monotonous. The technique taught in this lesson will help you inject some energy into your set and pick up the vibe of the set.

The theory behind this technique is instead of just mixing up or down by one semitone, choose a song that’s 5 semitones down on the Camelot wheel or 2 semitones up. For example, if you’re playing music in 7A, the next song to play would be 2A. This rule will inject some energy into your set. Just remember not to do this every transition, or you will lose its impact.

Check out the video for an example and further explanation.

Songs Used In Lesson (both available in Crossfader Music Pack):

  • Dots Per Inch – Right Now
  • Kai Shibata – Undulating

Equipment Used In Lesson:

  • Numark Mixstream Pro

Features Used In Lesson:

  • Camelot Wheel

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