DJ Tutorials & Mixes

Getting Started with Rekordbox DJ

In this beginner’s guide to Rekordbox DJ you will learn how to import, organise and manage your music library.

Getting Started With Serato DJ

In this guide we cover the absolute essentials to get you started with Serato DJ Lite and Serato DJ Pro.

Scratching DJ Tutorial: How to instantly scratch better

Once you know how to baby scratch It’s essential to learn this before moving onto more advanced scratching, combo’s, flares and patterns. This trick will improve your baby scratch instantly!

Keyboard Mode on the DDJ RB – Free Midi Map Download

Download our DDJ-RB Keyboard Mode Midi Mapping here!

Pioneer DDJ SX3 Live DJ Mix

DJ Lawrence James is back in the Crossfader studio this week laying down a mix of some party starter edits full of energy. The mix is created using the Pioneer DDJ SX3 with Serato DJ Pro!

Pioneer DJM S9 Live Mix

This week Danny James is back with a super creative mash up mix. To celebrate the launch of our new tone play mixing course he has thrown in some awesome tone play routines on the the Pioneer DJM S9.

Pioneer DDJ SB3 Live Mix

This week Danny James is back with a bass house and trap mix on the Pioneer DDJ SB3 and Serato DJ Lite. Watch and get inspiration for ways to use the Pad Scratch, FX Fade and other key features of the DDJ SB3.

Pioneer XDJ RX2 Live Mix

In this weeks #SundayDJSkills on the Pioneer XDJ RX2 we experimented with various mixing techniques using tech house and house music.

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