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All DJs need music! And we all love free exclusive music, right?! That’s why we have a free music pack you can download to help build your music library or add to an already extensive collection. We’ve collected a wide range of tunes from friends and producers around the world. You won’t find these tracks anywhere else. Just sign up to receive the download link and add the Crossfader Music Pack to your library now!

DJ Tutorials


Beginner DJ Lesson

As part of our beginner DJ course for Rekordbox we will teach you how to beat match and correct the timing of music manually. Taking control of your equipment and mixing is essential for future skill development. Here is a peek inside the course at one of the many lessons breaking down these necessary fundamental skills!

Creative DJ Lesson

In this lesson taken from our Rekordbox Intermediate DJ Course you will learn how to use the ‘Trans’ effect in Rekordbox DJ. Whether you own the Pioneer DDJ 1000, DDJ 400 or a DDJ RB or RR to name a few this lesson can be applied to any Rekordbox controller.

What is Trans?
Trans is short for transform, a scratch technique used to cut up longer sounds and create silences in that sound. The trans effect automates that process and is a creative effect to use when mixing.

The DJ Hub

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Join the DJ Hub for advanced techniques, career advice, DJ challenges, mix breakdowns and an inclusive community.

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Who We Are

Crossfader is here to help you learn and develop as a DJ. Whether you’re a bedroom DJ, working club DJ or an artist rocking the festivals already there is a place for everyone. Our aim is to help transform you into a more skilful, confident DJ whilst also providing support and a place to network with other DJs.

We’re a UK based company built from a small team of dedicated DJ’s who have worked in the industry for many years. We love music and have a passion for technology in the DJ industry. Our team are always experimenting, mixing, scratching and developing their own skills. Some of which you can see in our weekly #SundayDJSkills videos.