Serato DJ – Advanced Online DJ Course

Serato DJ – Advanced Online DJ Course

Our online Advanced Serato DJ Course is the perfect way to get you started on your journey to becoming a professional DJ, with the skills and creativity to impress any crowd.

Jamie Hartley, our DJ tutor, will teach you loads of his tips, tricks and secrets that he’s developed over the past 10 years from working in clubs, parties and festivals. We want to help you stand out from the crowd by teaching you new mixing techniques, how to mix acapellas, to use 3 or 4 decks, transition between different genres and the secrets to getting a reaction from a crowd along with so much more! All the lessons are packaged in easy to follow videos, available 24/7 from your own Crossfader profile.

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Our online Advanced Serato DJ Course is the perfect way to help you become a professional DJ, with the skills and creativity to impress any crowd. This course will teach you how to take your skills to the next level by combining all of Serato DJ’s performance features.

Throughout the course are tips and tricks to help you stand out when playing to a crowd. Also, idea’s on how to create energy in your sets, ways of thinking creatively and the preparation that goes into your music library. We guarantee any DJ taking this course will finish it with countless new idea’s. You will start using your equipment to it’s full potential. Plus, have a catalogue of advanced DJ skills to implement in your sets.

This course contains 24 lessons in which you’ll learn:

Getting Started-

We’ll explain exactly how our lessons are structured and show you where to download the Crossfader music pack. This is full of exclusive music to help build your library.

Mixing Between Genres –

We’ll show you various techniques for mixing between genres and varying BPM ranges. This means you’ll have the tools to play to any audience!

Acapellas –

You’ll learn how to beat match with acapellas. We’ll show you where and when to use them in your sets as well as how to use them to create live remixes.

Creative Mixing Techniques –

In this section you’ll learn genre specific mixing techniques. How to combine your equipments performance features together to make your sets truly uniques.

Mixing upto 4 Decks-

If your equipment has 4 channels we’ll show you how to make use of them and ways to mix upto 4 different tracks at the same time.

Using the Crossfader-

The crossfader can be used to create cuts whilst mixing, you’ll learn how to manipulate the fader properly and how these techniques can be incorporated into your set creatively.

Crowd Pleasers-

There are various ways you can create energy in your set and use these to help you work a crowd. We’ll show you how to build up the energy levels in your DJ sets with creative mixing techniques.

The Crossfader music pack contains a variety of exclusive music produced by friends of Crossfader to help you build your library whilst mastering the basics of mixing.

As a Crossfader student you’ll also have access to this courses forum where you can meet and chat with other students and the tutor himself.

The course is filmed using various Serato DJ enabled controllers. To make the most of this course we would recommend using your controller with Serato DJ Pro. If you only have Serato DJ Lite then some of the lessons will still be applicable but not all.

You can take this course if you have any of the following controllers and understand how to navigate your hardware:


  • Pioneer DDJ SR
  • Pioneer DDJ SR2
  • Pioneer DDJ SB2
  • Pioneer DDJ SB3
  • Pioneer DDJ SX
  • Pioneer DDJ SX2
  • Pioneer DDJ SX3
  • Pioneer DDJ SZ
  • Pioneer DDJ SZ2
  • Denon DJ MC7000
  • Denon DJ MCX8000
  • Numark NS7 II
  • Numark NS7 III
  • Numark NV
  • Numark NVii
  • Numark NS6II
  • Roland DJ-808
  • Roland DJ-505
  • Roland DJ-202
  • Reloop Mixon 4
  • Any controller using Serato DJ Pro with multiple performance pad modes.


  • We would also recommend a pair of headphones and some speakers to make the most of your training.
  • All screen grabs on this course will be shown on a mac operating system but are all

Our dedicated DJ tutor Jamie Hartley started working in the industry as a full time DJ over a decade ago at the age of 16. Since 2014 he’s worked to build Crossfader from a small UK based DJ school where he taught aspiring DJs in his studio, into what you see today, a global online DJ school and community.

From working one to one for years in a studio Jamie has developed foolproof and systematic ways of breaking down DJ skills and techniques so you can master them! A lot of other DJ schools will show you how things work rather than teach you the creative skills needed to help you stand out from the crowd.

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Serato DJ – Advanced Online DJ Course

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