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Take DJ lessons in Leeds today! Have you always wanted to learn to DJ? Do you want to turn your hobby into a full time career? We have a range of courses and lessons to suit every need from total beginner to seasoned DJ needing to touch up on skills. One to one Leeds DJ courses are available to all ages and abilities. We work around your time and fit lessons around your current work or study schedule. We have all the equipment and music you will need however we do encourage students to start bringing their own music in as the lessons progress.


The Complete DJ Course

  • 10 lessons across 20 hours.
  • Covers all skills.
  • Private one to one tuition.
  • Perfect for new DJs or people who use controllers currently.

This full DJ course is designed to teach you how to become a professional DJ ready for the industry. It teaches everything from the basics of beat matching to scratching, tips on mixing quickly across all genres plus how to read a crowd. All technical elements will be covered such as how to use effects, looping, cue points and even all the different features of the pioneer equipment. We also cover digital vinyl systems (DVS) such as Traktor and Serato. This is the complete package and we guarantee you will leave this course with a whole bunch of new skills! For pricing details please enquire at the bottom of this page.

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The Advanced DJ Course

  • 5 lessons across 10 hours.
  • Covers advanced skills.
  • Expert industry tips.
  • Requires previous knowledge of CDJs or turntables.

The advanced DJ course is for those who are already confident with beat matching and have a fair bit of knowledge about the technical side of DJing. In this course we focus on how to perfect your skills, learning to create energy in sets and more understanding of the industry to make sure you can rock a club. For pricing details please enquire at the bottom of this page.



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