XDJ Beginner- Sneak Peek


XDJ Beginner- Sneak Peek

Performance Pads

Are you new to DJing and wondering what exactly each feature on your controller does? In this tutorial, Jamie gives an introduction to the performance pads. These are really useful tools for any DJ. Once you’ve become familiar with these, you will find your mixing becomes more creative and unique to the way you perform.

This lesson is taken straight from our Beginner XDJ Course, perfect for DJs using Pioneer XDJ units!


Pioneer XDJ Beginner DJ Course

What will this course teach me?
This course is designed for DJs starting out at the beginning of their DJing journey. You will learn an introduction to your software, along with the fundamentals of DJing, such as Beatmatching by ear, catching the ones and how to create seamless mixes.

This DJ course includes 50+ different lessons on:

  • Sound outputs and levels
  • Screen navigation
  • Perfecting your timing
  • Introduction to the performance pads
  • Where To Set Hot Cues & How To Use Them
  • Setting Up Hot Cues For Quick Mixing
  • A Trick For Creating Energy In Your DJ Sets
  • Saving & Using Loops Effectively In The Mix

Learn How To Perform A Backspin
+ much more!


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