UDG Ultimate Backpack Review

UDG Ultimate Backpack Review

UDG Ultimate Backpack Review

The Ultimate Backpack by name, but does it live up to the name?

  It’s certainly a bold claim, naming a product the ultimate backpack. But is it a decision that will come back to haunt UDG, or is this the best back pack out there for the modern DJ? With no one form of DJ’ing becoming the standard at the moment, we have various groups of DJ’s all carrying different equipment and requiring specific needs. With this in mind UDG have added more products to the Ultimate line up such as the Ultimate digi, perfect for those needing to carry a DVS set up check out our review here. But what about the all rounder, for those who want a bag with a bit more versatility rather than everything in a dedicated place? How well does the Ultimate backpack stand up in 2019?

The Build and Storage

  The ultimate UDG backpack is constructed from high quality water resistant nylon and features a contrasting bright orange interior. This is great in dark environments as it allows you to not only see the contents of the bag but those zips accidentally left open. The main compartment features a large lockable zipper that curves around the side of the bag to maximise opening space. Inside the main compartment there is enough room to fit a small battle mixer such as the Numark Scratch.

Within the main compartment is a dedicated headphone pocket, this is felt lined inside to ensure no marks are left on your headphones during transport. Also found inside the main compartment is the heavily padded laptop holder, this can hold computers up to 17″ in size which is more than enough! Finally hidden in the stitching under the headphone pocket is a tiny zip revealing a very small pocket. This very discreet, rather hidden pocket is perfect for hiding away items you don’t want others finding, such as memory sticks and SD cards! In front of the main compartment we find the second largest of the storage areas.

This large but slightly narrower pocket is full of segmented pockets, nets and holders. Giving almost everything from pens and business cards to laptop chargers it’s own home. Some of these compartments are labeled to make packing up easier but the flexibility is great with seven individual pockets to chose from. On the very front is a small compartment perfect for thin items such as passports and travel documents.

Finally on either side of the bag are two large pockets. These are have a net pocket each and the right hand compartment also features a hook, ideal for keeping your keys safe. Both pockets are surprisingly large and easily hold a full laptop charger each. Around the back of the bag we find a convenient trolley strap amongst large thick padding with plenty of ventilation, keeping the bag comfortable even when fully loaded.


In Conclusion

  The UDG Ultimate back pack is a fantastic bag that’s as versatile as it is strong. The large main compartment offers enough space for the DJ to carry small controllers, two channel mixers or even a change of clothes. Unlike other bags which sometimes try and force everything into its own pocket, the ultimate offers the DJ the choice of how to manage the space. It is on the larger side and even when unpacked stays quite wide. If you are looking for a smaller footprint, we have also reviewed the UDG Slim backpack which we also recommend highly. The Ultimate has been around a while now and it’s easy to see why it’s so loved. If you’re in the market for a new bag and you’re not sure which direction to go, the Ultimate could well be the one size fits all solution you’re after!

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