Slip Mode – How to use it creatively!

Slip Mode

Slip Mode – How to use it creatively!

Using Slip Mode

Make the most of the slip mode and experiment with your music in the mix. We use a Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 with Serato DJ in this lesson however the technique can be applied to nearly any DJ set-up. If you use Traktor this is called Flux mode. For Rekordbox and Serato DJ users it’s called slip mode.

What is Slip Mode?

It’s basically a feature that when turned on allows you to manipulate the track in multiple ways without ever going out of time or phrase. It works with hot cues, the brake and even the loop feature. Try combining a few by holding a hot cue and then pausing the track for a cool effect while you’re mixing. This simple trick is taken from our DJ Hub.

Watch the video below to learn how to put it into action!

If you enjoy this lesson and want to learn some more advanced tricks then check out our other online courses below!


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