Skaa Pro Streetheart Receiver – Review and Guide

Skaa Streetheart Review

Skaa Pro Streetheart Receiver – Review and Guide

Dillinger Labs has just announced the Streetheart receiver. This professional-grade, the battery-powered unit can turn any speaker (or headphone) wireless using Skaa Pro! Skaa Pro, first seen in the Soundboks 3, is a wireless audio technology that features a fixed low latency. An alternative to Bluetooth, this technology and its low latency is quick enough for DJs to use! So what is the Streetheart, and how does it work? Find out everything you need to know in this guide and review!

Key Info & Technical Specs

  • 4x TRS Line Level Outputs
  • Dedicated Headphone Mode with support for 32Ω
  • Full-scale output of +16dBu
  • Compatible with all SKAA & SKAA PRO Transmitters
  • 50-meter range with the included +2 dBi screw-on 2.4GHz SMA-type antenna
  • 14 hours battery life, fast charge compatible with USB-C
  • 20 Hz – 20 kHz, 16 bit per channel stereo audio, Burr-Brown DAC
  • RRP $250 USD – Available Jan 2022 from

How To Set Up & Transmit Skaa Pro Audio

Skaa wireless technology is split into two products, transmitters and receivers. We have previously reviewed the battery-powered Dani transmitter, also created by Dillinger Labs, on the channel. Click here to watch that review. For almost all DJ setups, it’s the receiver we would recommend using alongside the Streetheart. Connecting your DJ’s master output to Dani’s TRS Input jacks can be done with XLR to TRS Cables.

The Dani also allows traditional wired speakers to connect via the thru ports. Ideal for using the Dani to transmit to speakers at the back of the room whilst retaining a wired connection to close by speakers. The Dani can send Skaa (four receivers, 36ms latency) or Skaa Pro (two receivers, 19ms latency). Skaa Pro is preferable when DJing due to its lower latency. 

Skaa Pro Dani Transmitter

Connecting the Streetheart Reciever

The new Streetheart receiver will automatically bond to any active Skaa transmitter. Turn on the Streetheart and connect up to four speakers to the available TRS connections. The Streetheart, by default, will output Left channel audio on the left-hand side outputs and Right channel audio on the right-hand outputs. This behaviour, however, is adjustable, enabling the Streetheart to output Left, Right or Summed Mono audio on all four outputs.

The headphone mode available on the upper two outputs allows two headphones to monitor the received audio. In this mode, the upper two outputs output a stronger signal, capable of powering even 32Ω headphones. The split cue toggle changes the outputs from dual stereo to left and right individually.

The internal battery on the Streetheart receiver enables 14 hours of playback. It supports fast charging and can be fully recharged in around 35 minutes via the onboard USB type C port. The onboard controls enable local volume control, enabling the DJ to turn down wireless speakers individually.

Skaa Reciever

Possible Set Up Scenarios

As the Streetheart outputs 16dBu of line-level signal, it can connect to professional audio equipment such as amplifiers, mixing desks and more. Wireless audio brings with it many advantages, such as setting up equipment in remote spaces or even removing the hassle of safely running long cables.

  • Wirelessly Connect To Amplifiers – Ideal for setting up remote DJ booths
  • Setting up speakers in a second room without running long XLR cables
  • Front of house monitoring of audio equipment on stage
  • Adding additional speakers to the current setup

Skaa Pro Setup

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  1. Zee

    Thank you for this video.
    I wonder if joining the Streetheart to a Soundboks 3 host could work? Concerned the SB3 would need to delay its amp to eliminate latency to Streetheart.
    I hope to use the SB3’s Bluetooth receiver as the source.

    Your help is appreciated.

    • Jamie Hartley

      We’re not able to test this set up, it all depends if those two speakers could connect together. It may be worth reaching out to the respective companies directly.


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