Scratching for Beginner DJs

Scratching Guide

Scratching for Beginner DJs

How to baby scratch

The easiest and often the very first scratch a DJ will learn, the Baby Scratch is an essential skill to master. Used in a variety of scenarios, the baby scratch teaches DJ’s essential skills they will need to master to progress to more difficult routines. In this free lesson, DJ Lawrence James breaks down the baby scratch to help you get started with the world of scratching.

Download the scratch samples

To begin scratching, you must first have the tracks and samples to scratch with. We’ve compiled the sample used in this video together with some of our other favorite samples for you to download for free in the link below. On top of the samples, you’ll also receive a free scratching lesson taken from our scratching course. To download the scratching samples for free, click here.

How to perform the Baby Scratch


Key Points To Remember

  • Set a cue at the beginning of the sample
  • Place your hand at 9 o clock, this allows you to remember the position to bring your hand back to restart the scratch
  • Experiment with speed, the faster you perform the scratch the higher the pitch
  • Practice, practice, practice!

Want to take your scratching to the next level?

We have a dedicated course available that will help you master the art of scratching!


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