DJ Tips & Tricks: Scratching on a DJ controller

Scratching Guide

DJ Tips & Tricks: Scratching on a DJ controller

How to get started scratching on your DJ equipment!

Learning to scratch on a controller can be done but there is one setting you’re going to need to change before getting started! Don’t believe anyone who says you need to turntables to be able to scratch. The majority of scratching is done with the crossfader believe it or not and for that to work you’re going to need to change the crossfader curve settings!

What is the crossfader curve?

The crossfader curve is the setting built into most DJ softwares and hardware that creates that nice cutting sounds when scratching. There are different positions you can have your crossfader curve set to. If its set to slow, this is ideal for mixing using the crossdafer, however make sure for scratching you set the crossfader curve to fast. This means as soon as the crossfader leaves one edge you will hear the opposite track at its full volume, rather than the track gain in volume as it travels from left to right or vice versa.

Serato DJ Users:

Those using Serato DJ with a controller you can access the crossfader curve settings within the settings, under the mixer tab.

crossfader curve serato scratching

Rekordbox DJ Users:

For Rekordbox users the crossfader curve settings can be found in the preferences under in the controller header under the mixer tab. Make sure its set to the picnic bench position!

rekordbox cross fader curve scratching

Pioneer DJ Users:

For those scratching on DJ mixers such as the DJM series by pioneer look for the crossfader curve options. It’s usually a switch with the picnic bench icon as one of the positions. Also make sure if you have more than 2 channels that the channels you’re using are assigned to the A & B of the crossfader and not on thru. These switches are usually located under each channel.

crossfader curve djm scratching

cross fader assign djm scratching


Setting up your crossfader correctly will go a long way in helping you to learn to scratch. Make sure you check out your settings and alter it to fast or the picnic bench position. Our main tips for learning to scratch are to use a scratch sample and then practice cutting your crossfader in and out of that sound.


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  1. Bonex valeriam

    It is perfect

  2. StuR

    You can have all the fader cut setting you want. But if the fader is crap, what’s the point. Care to make a comment on the actual response and durability of the actual fader these all provide.

    • Jamie Hartley

      Faders obviously vary in quality across different controllers. However, I have found you can still perform the majority of scratch techniques with even the most basic controller. The cut lag will be much tighter on certain crossfaders but like I said you can still perform the majority of scratches once you get used to how the controller responds. We’re just here to inspire even beginner DJs using intro controllers to explore the world of scratching.



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