XDJ Intermediate- Sneak Peek


XDJ Intermediate- Sneak Peek

Crossfader Cuts

Crossfader cuts are an effective way to sample different parts of a song with the use of hot cues. By taking an isolated part of a track, such as a bassline, you can create different patterns to layer over your mix. This effect is perfect for DJs who want to add a distinctive sound to their mix.

This lesson is taken straight from our Intermediate DJ Course for the Pioneer XDJ units!

Tracks used in this lesson:

Kai Shibata- Fakers
Lawrence James- To The Market

Pioneer XDJ Intermediate DJ Course

What will this course teach me?
Do you find that you’re confident at mixing and know your equipment inside out, but you’re stuck where to go next? Are you unsure how to stand out from the hundreds of other DJs using similar pieces of equipment? Do you want to start working in clubs and playing parties? This course will help you do all of that and more…

This DJ course includes 50+ different lessons on:

  • Rules For Mixing In Key
  • Hi-Hat mixing
  • Loose key mixing
  • Reverb Techniques
  • How to utilise all the effects creatively to help your sets stand out.
  • Filter, Flanger & Phaser Techniques
  • Pitch Effect Techniques
  • Roll Techniques
    + much more!

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