You’re not a real DJ if you don’t mix vinyl!


You’re not a real DJ if you don’t mix vinyl!

Why do some vinyl DJs say this?

We’ve noticed a lot of trolls throwing around statements claiming that you’re not a ‘real DJ’ if you don’t mix vinyl. For those who prefer to watch rather than read here are our thoughts on this matter. At the end of the video there is a side by side comparison of us mixing two of the same tracks both on turntables and on a controller.

A Brief History

We regularly see quotes like ‘you’re not a real DJ if you don’t play vinyl’ or ‘if you don’t play vinyl you’re cheating’ and similar plastered across social media from a small set of older DJs who refuse to accept how the industry has progressed. The DJ industry started with two turntables, a mixer and vinyls. This was classed as the norm for many years until the digital revolution took over. We started listening to music on new devices, iPod’s and MP3 players, we started sharing our music online via Youtube and Soundcloud. Vinyl started to die a death and along with it came a new way to play with music. The industry took a huge shift in focus and manufacturers developed CDJ’s which closely replicated the functions of turntables along with many new features.

Jump to present day and there is an abundance of different ways to DJ, not just one! For a new DJ starting out there are a few factors everyone takes into account. Firstly, price is the big one! How much can you afford to spend on DJ equipment? Secondly, what on earth should I buy?

The Controller Takeover

There are an abundance of DJ controllers now on the market, with many of these having almost all the same features as CDJ’s or turntables but for a fraction of the price, this means controllers are quickly becoming the most popular form of DJ equipment, particularly for new DJs. For a small minority of older DJ’s they seem to take fault with this and claim that this isn’t a true form of DJing and is essentially cheating…

Whats the Problem?

We find the whole concept crazy. The bitter people who struggle to move with the times are damaging the industry and the dreams of young newer DJs! We’re here to support everyone who is starting out, or has maybe had a similar hater making comments towards them. Just because you’re not mixing vinyl, doesn’t mean you’re not a ‘real DJ.’ If you can be creative with music, create a set, confidently play to a crowd and maybe take them on a journey then you are a real DJ, no matter what these bitter people think or say.

facebook comment about vinyl djs

Response to the video on Facebook

What to do About Haters?

This goes for most things in life, NOTHING! Leave them to hate and let them make their remarks. The only reason they feel the need to comment is to justify their own problems not your’s. I guarantee if you’re putting effort into anything in life you will go a lot further than just being negative and bad mouthing others. You’ll never be able to please everyone and social media gives trolls a platform to spread negativity. You do you and focus on perfecting your craft!

Listen Up Vinyl DJs

Be more open minded, go have a play on a controller or some CDJ’s. Take the skills you have developed and mastered over years of playing records and see what more you can do by incorporating digital technologies. Don’t bad mouth a new young DJ who has a dream just because you don’t ‘agree’ with what they’re doing.

facebook comment for mixing vinyl

Response to the video on Facebook

Listen Up Digital DJs

Don’t forget about vinyl and turntables. It is how the DJ industry started so respect it. Go and have a play on some turntables and see how it compares.

facebook comment about mixing vinyl

Response to the video on Facebook

In conclusion

If we all come together and help each other, be positive towards each other and the different ways to DJ, the industry as a whole will continue to grow. Embrace technology but remember where it came from. Be creative but always master the foundation skills first. We would love to hear what vinyl-only DJs think about this topic and also what new controller DJs think? Have you been targeted by haters online before? What do you think about where the industry is at now?


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