Free DJ Lesson: Pitch Effect Tricks

Pioneer XDJ Tutorial

Free DJ Lesson: Pitch Effect Tricks

Pitch Effect Tricks

The pitch effect is often overlooked because it’s hard to know what to do to make it sound good in the mix. Here is our favourite way to utilise this effect, along with some creative transitioning. This lesson is taken straight from our Intermediate DJ Course for the Pioneer XDJ units!

Tracks used in this lesson:

The Game – This Is How We Do (Kees Sjensen Remix)
J Balvin – Mi Gente

Pioneer XDJ Beginner DJ Course

Whether you’re a total beginner or already confident at the basics, we have online DJ courses to help you become the best DJ you can be.

Beginner DJ Course
The core skills…
There are core skills every DJ should master, including learning to beat match by ear without the help of beat counters, waveforms or sync buttons. The first section of the course includes multiple lessons packed with tips and techniques to ensure you can beat match two tracks together without relying on any of these digital features. You will get access to our very own Crossfader DJ Tools pack full of tools to help you beat match by ear. Another of the core skills is seamlessly transitioning between songs creating a smooth mix. We will focus on using the EQs, primary effects and some music theory.

This DJ course includes lessons on:

Music theory 101 –  understanding bars and phrasing.
Using the EQ’s & filters.
How to beat match without visuals.
Introduction to the effects and how to use them in the mix.
Tips on how to manage your library and organise your music.
+ much more!

Pioneer XDJ Intermediate DJ Course

What will this course teach me?
Do you find that you’re confident at mixing and know your equipment inside out, but you’re stuck where to go next? Are you unsure how to stand out from the hundreds of other DJs using similar pieces of equipment? Do you want to start working in clubs and playing parties? This course will help you do all of that and more…

This DJ course includes 20+ different lessons on:

  • Creative mixing techniques with other genres.
  • How to transition between different genres and mix the un-mixable.
  • Scratching basics.
  • How to utilise all the effects creatively to help your sets stand out.
  • Loads of XDJ RX2, RR & XZ tips and tricks.
    + much more!

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    it was amazing. This trick helps allot.


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