Pioneer XDJ RX2 – Review Video

Pioneer XDJ RX2 Review

The Pioneer XDJ RX2 had been the most eagerly awaited DJ product for a long long time. The original Pioneer XDJ RX was one of the fastest selling DJ products of all time and finally the mark 2 version is here. Read on to find out more about this eagerly anticipated all in one DJ system! Review video at the bottom of the page.

xdj rx2 main

Pioneer XDJ RX2 Features

    Track filter and track search options with touch screen capabilities.
    All your favourite effects from the NXS2 range!
    Hot Cues, Beat Jump, Beat Loop and Slip Loop. You can set up to eight Hot Cues on each deck.
    It’s been eagerly awaited but now you can control how intense the sound colour FX sound on the XDJ RX2.
    No need to export to a device, just hook the unit straight up to your laptop.
    Its built-in sound card means you can connect the XDJ-RX2 to your PC/Mac with a single USB cable to use with Rekordbox DJ.
    Use the XDJ RX2 with Rekordbox video. Control your transitions and effects using the 7 inch touch screen.

xdj rx 2 rear

Inputs & Outputs

  • Two Mic inputs –XLR & 1/4” TRS jack ×2
  • AUX and 2 x Line/Phono input terminals – connect turntables, DJ Players or portable players
  • Two USB-A ports – Import digital tracks from rekordboxTM(iOS/Android)

Pioneer XDJ RX vs XDJ RX2

Why does it not have 4 channels?

Firstly the most common request across all forums, youtube and social medias was for a 4 channel version of the Pioneer XDJ RX. Unfortunately this was never going to happen in this release as this would sabotage the CDJ/XDJ market. As a business they have to create demand for bigger and better products. We would have loved to be introducing a 4 channel version as much as every DJ would like to see one but today is not that day.

Are there enough new features to warrant an upgrade?

It’s definitely a nice upgrade. We now have both the XDJ RX and XDJ RX2 in our studio and the RX2 is just nicer to use. We prefer the performance pads by far on the RX2 compared to the buttons on the original RX. The parameter option makes the sound colour FX sound 10x better than on the original RX too. Coloured waveforms make the mixing process easier. It allows the DJ to visually see wether a track is about to introduce a new bassline or if its packed full of higher frequencies. One of our newest favourite things however is the track filter button. This can narrow down a playlist on your device to just show tracks that are within a certain BPM range or that will mix in key with the current master deck. All in all its a great upgrade. If you don’t mind forking out that extra cash then we would recommend it. However, please note that the original RX is still a fantastic piece of DJ equipment. You will be able to perform just as confidently and creatively with both models.

xdj rx2 angle

Im a beginner DJ… should I buy the XDJ RX2?

In all fairness if you can afford to jump in at the deep end and buy the XDJ RX2 then we would highly recommend it. If your aim is to eventually be playing sets in clubs and working as a DJ then this is a professional piece of equipment thats perfectly aligned with the current industry standard club set up.

It’s a standalone unit meaning you don’t need a laptop to use it. It works just using a USB stick meaning its very portable for taking to any private gigs and functions. Compared to controllers using a laptop and software you will feel very hands on with the XDJ RX2. By not staring at a laptop screen it forces the DJ to get involved with the equipment and music a lot more. There are lots of other controllers aimed at beginner DJs priced much much cheaper however this is the only real all in one unit available on the market currently. So if you want to avoid using your laptop, but still want to mix digital music we think this is the way to go…


£1529 including VAT.

Pioneer XDJ RX2 Complete Review Video

Our thoughts…

On the surface we know the first thing everyone is going to say is it’s pointless because there aren’t 4 channels. We would love to see a four channel version of this unit as much as any other DJ but that’s not happening anytime soon, or at least not within this price range.

Ignoring the fact it’s still two channels we think this is a deserved upgrade to the original XDJ RX. It’s keeping in line with their industry standard club set up but for a fraction of the price all compacted into one unit. That’s what the XDJ RX series set out to do. Remember this is an upgrade not a totally new product. As a business Pioneer won’t give everything away in one product.

Our favourite addition has to be the 8 performance pads with beat jump properly added now. The touch screen is also a nice touch and in keeping with their latest players but still something you can live without.

What are your thoughts? Drop a comment below!