Pioneer DJ DDJ-XP1 Review & Guide

Pioneer DJ DDJ-XP1 Review

Pioneer DJ DDJ-XP1 Review & Guide

Pioneer DDJ XP1

Do you want to find out more about the Pioneer DDJ XP1 add on controller for Rekordbox DJ? If so, then you’re in the right place. Read on to find out what this controller does, what we think about it plus watch an in depth review video. We even have a performance on it later in the post.

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So what is the Pioneer DDJ XP1?

This is a controller that plugs into your laptop to enhance your Rekordbox DJ performance. Basically, if you use Rekordbox in performance mode either with a controller or with a DVS set up this brings way more tactile creativity to the table.

Please note this is not a standalone DJ controller. This is an add on controller. There are no jog wheels or tempo adjust controls.

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DDJ XP1 Feature Overview

  • Performance Pads
    32 RGB coloured pads for tactile control over Hot Cues, Pad FX, Beat Jump, Sampler, Beat Loop or the new Key Shift and Keyboard modes.
  • Touch strip for slide FX
    Dynamically control your chosen combination of FX by touching the Slide FX strips and moving your finger up and down, without needing to switch the selected FX on or off.
  • Melodic key sync and shifting
    Keyboard mode lets you play a hot cue in semitone increments just like playing the piano. This is a trick already heavily used in the turntablist market called tone play.
  • Rekordbox DJ & DVS license keys
    This controller comes with the license keys for DVS and Rekordbox DJ so if you already own some turntables and a mixer for example, you don’t need to buy DVS mode separately.
  • Pad Editor
    Don’t like how to unit is already set up? With an easy to use pad editor mode you can change any of the pad modes to map out to any features within Rekordbox.
  • Silent cue
    Avoid the music speeding up as your turntable starts to revolve by switching on Silent Cue. The music will restart instantly at the correct BPM when you press play on a stopped deck.
  • Other Features
    Browse library and load tracks with ease. Set auto loops and trigger samples. Dedicated buttons for quantize, slip reverse and master tempo.

pioneer ddj xp1 review

Will it work with Serato DJ or Traktor?

Well as a midi controller you can map it out to any other DJ software that has midi mapping capabilities. However, it’s designed to plug and play with Rekordbox DJ. If we manage to create a mapping for serato we will share this with the community.

Pioneer DDJ XP1 Demo and Review Video

Pioneer DDJ XP1 Performance Video

Our thoughts…

Pioneer really are trying to create an Apple like company in the DJ world. There is a huge part of the DJ industry that is focused on turntablism. Thanks to the Red Bull Thr3estyle competition and DMC championships amongst others this market is thriving. Until recently Pioneer have been seen as the industry standard for CDJ set ups and then recently adding their controller range. This move is to try and convert turntablists from using Serato DJ or Traktor, the most common DVS software set ups and encourage the switch to Rekordbox DJ.

Even though this controller doesn’t offer that many new features compared to other DJ softwares, its been conveniently designed with tone play at the heart of the unit. Tone play has become extremely popular in the turntablist market and this product is sure to turn some heads.

What do you think? Comment below!

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