Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2 Review

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2 Review

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2 Review

Introducing the Pioneer DJ DDJ SR2

So it seems Pioneer are still happily working with Serato DJ with the announcement of this new Pioneer DDJ SR2! Since the launch of Rekordbox performance mode Pioneer had shifted all its new products nearly entirely towards their software, until now. The DDJ SR2 is a much needed upgrade from their original 2 channel Serato DJ controller the DDJ SR.

pioneer ddj sr2

Pioneer DDJ SR2 Feature Overview

First lets look at what features the Pioneer DDJ SR2 has:

  • 2 channel Serato DJ enabled controller (with access to 4 decks)
  • Standalone mixer for using turntables or CDJs
  • DVS ready (upgrade sold separately)
  • Serato DJ Pitch ‘n’ Time licence included.
  • Performance pads including; Hot Cues, Roll, Slicer, Slicer Loop, Sampler, Cue Loop, Pitch Play, Saved Loops.
  • Needle Search
  • Dual Level Meter
  • Slip Mode
  • Auto & Manual Loop Settings
  • Access to the Izotope FX in Serato DJ
  • Dedicated Key Sync & Key Shift Features
  • Plus all the usual DJ controller features from EQs to faders, filters to a decent sized tempo adjust.

ddj sr2 rear

Inputs & Oututs

Its has a professional build as you would expect from Pioneer.


  • 1 MIC (1/4 inch TS Jack)


  • 1 BOOTH (1/4 inch TRS Jack)
  • 2 HEADPHONE MONITOR (1/4 inch Stereo Phone Jack, 3.5mm Stereo mini-jack)

ddj sr vs ddj sr2

Pioneer DDJ SR vs DDJ SR2 – What’s new?

It is an upgrade after all, so what is actually new on this new model 2 version. Here are just some of the main things we could pick out:

  • Coloured performance pads.
  • Key Sync buttons and Pitch Play buttons for advanced tone play and key shifting techniques.
  • Professional outputs ready for any DJ booth or bedroom alike.
  • DVS enabled (sold separately)
  • Standalone mixer capabilities
  • Manual loop options
  • They have scrapped the Pad Plus mode as seen on the DDJ SR.

Pioneer DDJ SR2 Price


Our thoughts…

Just going from what we have heard, seen and read this really is a strong upgrade to the original DDJ SR model. They have kept its compact size and sturdy build, but added those extra features that new and professional DJs alike crave. It’s great to see that Pitch Play has been added to this controller and the ability to use it as a standalone mixer with CDJs or Turntables. This could be the perfect fit for any mobile DJ using Serato or bedroom DJ that needs a compact but professional set up.

We’re so happy to see that Pioneer are still working with and producing products for Serato DJ users.

As soon as we get our hands on it a full video review will be dropping!

Let us know in the comments what you think about this new DDJ SR2…

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pioneer djm s3 mixer

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