Music Management for DJs – Sneak Peek


Music Management for DJs – Sneak Peek

Are you a passionate DJ but finding managing your ever-growing music library challenging? Are you overwhelmed by the clutter of tracks, struggling to organize by genre, energy, vibe, or BPM? Do you feel stuck in old habits and crave to automate your music management process?

Crossfader is here to solve your problems and allow you to spend more time doing what you love, MIXING MUSIC!

Music Management For DJs

In this tutorial, taken straight from our Music Management for DJs course, Danny James dives deep into his music library to give you some tips on keeping organised when maintaining a DJ library. If there is one thing Danny is known for at Crossfader, it’s being the organised one, so listen up!

Course Sneak Peek – How Danny Manages His Serato DJ

What’s Inside The Course?

This course is structured into five modules.

  1. Sourcing – Learn where to find your music in the first place. The difference between streaming and owning music. Where to find new and unique edits of tracks and how to get onto record label mailing lists. You will also learn the importance of file quality and discover hacks to convert your Spotify playlists into your DJ software.
  2. Categorisation – What is a genre? How do you know the difference, and what if you get it wrong? Learn how to categorise each track correctly and save yourself a headache in the long run.
  3. Organisation – This is where systems come into place. Learn where to store your music and backup safely and efficiently. Declutter your music library for peak performance and store your files in a neat & tidy system so you can spend more time DJing than organising.
  4. Music Library – See how we organise each of our libraries! Learn how to automate smart crates, create custom columns, discover unused settings in your DJ software and master methods like tagging, colour coding and advanced sync manager systems.
  5. Advanced Management – This is where we clean up your music library, discover how history sets are the ultimate cheat code and get hands-on with workflow.


  • 3 Months of free Beatport or Beatsource streaming (new customers only)
  • 50% Off your first month with Lexicon DJ (The ultimate music management system)
  • Free Crossfader Music Pack with hundreds of royalty-free music and sound fx
  • Join a growing community of thousands of like-minded DJs in our private Discord & Facebook group

Need some help getting started?

To understand how to manage your music better, we have put together learning journeys for different types of DJs and how each type can improve at music management. The link also includes the complete Music Management for DJ’s course curriculum.



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