MIXO – The Library Management Tool For DJs!

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MIXO – The Library Management Tool For DJs!

MIXO Releases the Defining Library Management Tool for DJs

DJs, get ready to experience a revolution in music management! MIXO has just launched its highly anticipated MIXO platform, designed to take DJ library management to the next level. The cloud-based platform lets DJs manage their music and playlists from anywhere and sync them seamlessly across all devices. With its hassle-free import and export features, DJs can use MIXO with any DJ platform.

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MIXO was created by a team of passionate DJs and developers who deeply understand the significance of effective library management and preparation for any DJ. Their goal was to provide DJs with a dedicated solution that eliminates the need for compromises, making library management simple, efficient, and relevant. The team started their mission in 2018 and has since made significant progress towards its objective. They remain committed to creating an innovative and dynamic platform that will continue transforming the DJ workflow for years.

To experience the future of music management for DJs, download MIXO today here.

Goodbye iTunes/Apple Music, hello MIXO!

MIXO is the solution to all DJs’ music organisation needs. The platform is designed specifically for DJs and has everything they need to manage their sets, including waveforms, beat-grid editing, hot cues, loops, and playlist management – all in one place. MIXO is the go-to solution for DJs looking to take complete control.

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On The Go

MIXO’s phone app gives DJs complete access to their library wherever they are. Create a new playlist, remove a track, edit a beat-grid or add cues and loops – everything is available and automatically synced back to other devices via the DJ’s own Dropbox or Google drive account.

Back up, back up

MIXO’s cutting-edge multi-device sync lets DJs connect their preferred cloud storage platform, Dropbox or Google Drive, for seamless syncing of their entire library with automatic online backups. No more manual backups – just effortless convenience.

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Be prepared for anything, anywhere

MIXO is the ultimate solution for DJs who want to use different software platforms without the hassle of managing multiple libraries. Whether you’re a Serato user who occasionally uses Rekordbox, or you’re playing a one-off gig using Traktor or Engine DJ, MIXO has it covered. With MIXO, you can seamlessly integrate your personal library, cues, loops, and playlists into all your favourite DJ software platforms, all from a single account.

Use cases

MIXO is for every DJ! From club to bedroom, MIXO provides a single platform for all DJs and music enthusiasts. Whether you use multiple platforms on a regular basis, have a main platform preference, occasionally use another, are an iTunes/Apple Music user looking for a more DJ-focused solution, or simply want waveforms and more DJ functionality, MIXO has got you covered.

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Release details

MIXO is free to download from MIXO:GOLD is a subscription service priced at $7/month (€6 or £5) with a 7-day free trial. The desktop app includes bridge tools to import and export your DJ library between Serato, TRAKTOR, Rekordbox, Virtual DJ and all DJ platforms.

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