Learn How To DJ Online


Learn How To DJ Online

Want To Learn How To DJ? Not Sure Where To Start?

Look no further! Here at Crossfader we’ve helped thousands of people just like you get started in the exciting world of DJing. You don’t have to spend any money in the beginning no matter what anyone tells you. Thanks to technology you can get started right away! There are popular DJ softwares such as RekordboxSerato DJTraktorAlgoriddim DJAY and more that work both with and without any DJ equipment plugged in.

How Can We Help You Get Started As A DJ?

We have free music you can download, with some recommended free DJ software and free video tutorials to follow to find out wether it’s really right for you!

The last thing you want to do is spend hundreds or even thousands (yes, DJ equipment can get very very expensive) on something that you actually don’t enjoy doing, to ultimately gather dust in a cupboard. It’s time for you to learn how to DJ online for free with Crossfader!

Already Own A Laptop Or Computer?

If you own a laptop or computer but no DJ equipment yet we have a free 5 part video series for you. You can even download the music to follow along with it in our detailed article on how to get started as a DJ for free.

Want To Learn How To DJ Using An IPad?

We realise that not everybody owns a laptop or computer because tablets are becoming a very popular replacement. It’s even easier to get started if you already own an iPad. Learn how to DJ with these simple tutorials inside our free guide to iPad djing here!

Already Own DJ Equipment?

Wether its a DJ controller, set of CDJs and a mixer or even some turntables using DVS then we have loads of free tutorials to help you learn new DJ skills. If you’re still just getting started we have beginner mixing lessons on how to use EQs and filters here. If you’re already past that point and want to learn more advanced DJ techniques like how to transition between genres? What mixing in key is? How to mash up and layer multiple tracks together? We have some more advanced DJ tutorials here.

What’s The Best Beginner DJ Setup?

This really is a trick question. There is no such thing as the best beginner DJ setup. However, with so many options, from the latest Pioneer DJ Controllers such as the DDJ SB3 or DDJ 400 for Rekordbox or Serato DJ to turntables and mixer combinations it’s hard to know where to start. There are all in one units like the Denon Prime 4 or Pioneer XDJ RX2 which don’t need a laptop and work just by plugging in a USB drive loaded with music.

They all range massively in price and your budget can be a big deciding factor in what setup to buy. We’re here to help you make better purchasing decisions and explain the difference between all of these DJ setups!

DJ Controller Comparisons & Reviews

If you’re on a budget check out our comparison between the latest beginner DJ controllers here. If you have a little more cash to invest then check out our latest DJ equipment reviews here.

I’m ready to learn! Send me some free DJ tutorials!


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