Instant Doubles Routine – How It’s Done

Instant Doubles

Instant Doubles Routine – How It’s Done

How to perform an instant double DJ routine!

In this guide, we break down and perform the instant doubles trick. A popular routine with scratch DJ’s, this trick enables the DJ to create a strong delay effect manually by playing a track half a beat out of time.

Step One – Instant Double

To begin the trick, the same track must be playing at the same time on both decks. Double tapping the LOAD button on the paused deck on most DJ controllers will instant double the playing track. Instant doubles can also be achieved by dragging the playing track from one virtual deck into another.


Step Two – Beat Jump

Once both tracks are playing at the same time, the second deck needs to be playing half a beat behind. To achieve this perfectly in time, the beat jump feature must be used. You may need to adjust the available divisions on the beat jump feature to see the half beat option.


Step Three – Slip Mode

In order to be able to manipulate the second deck and repeat the trick, slip mode must be activated. Slip mode allows the DJ to make changes to the playing track with the song jumping back to where it usually. Some controllers and decks will have dedicated slip mode buttons, if yours doesn’t you can activate it inside the software. Traktor users note that Slip Mode is referred to as FLUX mode.


Step Four –  Vinyl Brake

The speed of the brake needs to be changed to replicate that of a vinyl slowing down on a turntable. The brake speed can be changed on some decks directly. To change this setting in Serato head to DJ Preferences. Rekordbox users will find this option in Preferences>Controller>Deck. Set the brake speed to stop roughly within one beat.

Vinyl Brake Speed Serato

Vinyl Brake Speed Rekordbox

Vinyl Speed Adjust

Step Five – Optional Reverb

To enhance the sound of the spin backs and vinyl brakes, a reverb can be applied.


Step Six – Crossfader Timing

Finally, we need to swap between the two tracks just at the right time. For maximum effect, the tracks should be swapped on the off beat. The off beat is the AND when we count “1 AND 2 AND 3 AND 4”. You can see the off beat in the below wave form as the blue cymbal hits.

Instant Doubles Off Beats

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Now you’ve learnt all the steps of this routine, it’s time to start practicing. Remember to perfect the off beat timing, it’s key to transition between the two tracks at just the right time. Once you’ve mastered this example why not try changing it up, different effects and vinyl break speeds can help give this trick a completely different sound!

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  1. Holland

    Ah, I see! Erm to be honest there is no easy way to do this. Other than manually holding the jog wheel for half a beat I would imagine the only way is to use quantised loops. Set your quantise value to half beat, then upload loading instantly create a half-beat loop using the manual loop buttons and exit it as fast as possible. I’m not 100% this will work but its the only way I can think of “hacking” a half-beat jump in. So load the track, quickly set half-beat loop using quantize so it’s perfectly in time and exit as soon as it’s gone around once. Give it a go, it might work?

  2. UandI

    Hello, this trick is amazing

    Sadly it’s doesn’t seem possible to perform it on an xdj-xz or the xdj-rx series in standalone mode, as beat jumps are limited to 1, 2, 4 and 8 beats

    Do you have workaround quickly recreate the half-beat offset on those devices ? (Other than by ear?)

    • Holland

      You should be able to instant double by pressing and holding the SYNC button on these devices

      • UandI

        Oh loading the instant double (step one) was not my issue ^_^
        That works like a charm.

        My issue is with: Step Two – Beat Jump by a half beat.

        On DDJs (400, 1000, etc) you can page to have one of the pads to 1/2 beat jump
        But the XDJ-XZ or XDJ-RX3 in standalone mode only offer beat jumps of 1 beat, 2 beats, 4 beats and 8 beats….

        So…. is there a workaround to quickly perform a half beat jump (other than by ear) ?


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