House Course Preview – Layering


House Course Preview – Layering

Don’t Rush The Mix!

Check out this layering lesson taken directly from our House Mixing Course.
Don’t be afraid to let your transitions run for a while and experiment with the EQs during an extended mix.
You can swap energy levels over, or layer various elements to create a whole new experience for the listener.

House Music DJ Course

Are you ready to learn more and take your career to the next level? Here is a breakdown of what to expect inside the course:

This course is all about practical mixing tips and hands-on advice for DJing. By the end of this course, you will be able to confidently step up to any DJ booth and perform a confident and creative house DJ set, all whilst taking the audience on a journey!
This course contains over 60 lessons in which you’ll learn:

▪️Mixing in Key
▪️EQs & Filters
▪️Core Mixing Techniques
▪️Hot Cues
▪️Grid Editing
▪️Creative Mixing Techniques
▪️How to Plan a DJ Set


Click below to view more about the course and join today!


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