Hip Hop Mixing DJ Course Sneak Peek

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Hip Hop Mixing DJ Course Sneak Peek

How To Make A Hip Hop Mashup

The lesson below is taken directly from our dedicated Hip Hop Mixing DJ Course. This is just one of the many techniques you could apply to a hip hop DJ set. Performing mash-ups helps you get creative as a DJ and stand out from the crowd by creating a unique blend of popular songs. The possibilities are endless, especially thanks to Beatsource Link providing so many hip hop acapellas and instrumentals to play with.

If you sign up for the course, you get three months of free access to the Beatsource Link streaming service so you can follow along step by step with every lesson. We even have curated Crossfader playlists to make your learning as straightforward as possible.

Mashup DJ Tutorial

What’s inside the Hip Hop DJ course?

This course contains over 35 lessons in which you’ll learn:

Getting Started
We’ll show you how to get started on your equipment. We’ll also show you exactly where to download/access the music used in the course and Crossfader DJ Samples so you can easily follow along step-by-step.

Music Theory
We will teach you how to understand beats, phrasing, and timing in your music, which is essential to mix music accurately.

Beat Matching
No waveforms, no beat counters and no sync. Here we will help you master the art of beat matching with only your ears, a skill all DJs should learn when starting. We will give you all the theory, tools and techniques you need to master this. This is especially important when mixing hip hop. You will discover most music analysis performed by the software is incorrect, meaning you will need to learn how to determine the BPM and correct these issues.

Mixing Techniques
It’s time to put all the theory and techniques you’ve learned together to start mixing tracks. We’ll show you where and when to blend in and out and how to use EQs and filters. After mastering the basics, we take it up a level and introduce multiple techniques for mixing between songs, from fader to looped mixes, drop mixing to beat jumping and much more! Learning these techniques will arm you with a wide range of ways to mix and transition, keeping your DJ sets engaging and fresh.

Scratching Techniques
This section introduces how to start scratching practically in your DJ sets. Scratching is an essential tool for most hip hop DJs, unlocking a much more comprehensive range of possibilities. Please note this isn’t a fully comprehensive scratching course. You can find that here.

Mash-Up Mixing
One of the most fun elements of a hip hop set is mash-up techniques to blend different styles, sub-genres and more. We break down how to mix acapellas into instrumentals, transition creatively with acapellas and more.

Transitioning Wide BPM Ranges
Learn how to mix from 100bpm to 60bpm in one mix, master those broad BPM transitions, so you don’t get stuck mixing just one type of hip hop music. This section of the course will unlock your ability to play to any crowd and not be restricted by the wide range of BPMs found in hip hop music.

Using DJ Samples
DJ samples are essential to any hip hop DJ set. This section will show you how to use the Crossfader DJ samples to level up your transitions and add energy to your DJ set.

Mix Breakdowns
In the final part of the course, you will get to follow along with extended mixes along with breakdowns to help you understand how all the techniques taught can be applied to an entire DJ set. See the methods in action and learn from following along step-by-step.

If you want to learn more and watch the course overview video, just click below.
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