Getting Started With The Numark Party Mix

Getting Started With Numark Party Mix

Getting Started With The Numark Party Mix

Numark Party Mix Beginners Guide

Party Mix by Numark is a brilliant series of entry-level controllers for those wanting to take their first steps into the world of DJ’ing. Compatible with Serato DJ Lite, Virtual DJ and Algoriddim Djay, this little controller can be used on a computer or iOS device. In this beginners guide, we are going to show you how to set up the Numark Party Mix on both platforms, getting you mixing as soon as possible!

How to set up the Numark Party Mix

Connecting headphones and speakers to the Numark Party Mix

The Party Mix features straight forward audio connections. Headphones connect to the side of the controller using a smaller 1/8th TRRS connection. Speakers also connect to the two RCA 1/8th TRRS connection on the left side, labelled master. A 1/8th TRRS cable is included for connecting the controller to speakers.

New Party Mix Speaker

Older Party Mix controllers feature two RCA line level outputs on the rear, labelled master. These are colour coded with the red connection for the right speaker and white being for the left. 

Numark Party Mix Speaker Connections

Party Mix live users can use the inbuilt speakers, simply activate them by sliding the switch on the left.

Setting up the Party Mix on a computer with Serato DJ Lite

Before connecting the Numark Party Mix, ensure you have the latest version of Serato installed on your computer, available here.

  • Connect speakers and headphones to Numark Party Mix
  • Then Launch Serato DJ Lite
  • Finally, connect Numark Party Mix to laptop using supplied USB cable

If you’re using Windows and no sound comes from the computer after connecting the Numark Party Mix, change your computers output back to your built in speakers.

Using computer speakers with the Numark Party Mix

Serato DJ Lite allows users to use the default computer speakers alongside the speakers connected to the Numark Party Mix. This can be especially useful if the DJ doesn’t own a pair of speaker or when on the move. To use the computer’s speakers alongside the Party Mix speakers, head into the preferences. Under the audio tab, check the box “Use Laptop Speakers”.

Getting started with Serato DJ Lite

In this video, founder and tutor Jamie Hartley explains how to get started with Serato DJ Lite. Learn how to get started importing and managing your music library!  To learn more about using Serato, read our beginners guide found here!

Setting up the Numark Party Mix on iPad/iPhone with Djay

Before connecting the Numark Party Mix, ensure you have the latest version of Djay installed from the App Store. The USB-B port on the side of the Numark Party Mix connects the controller and powers it. Using this supplied cable to connect iOS devices does require adaptors which we will link below.

Users with USB-C iPad devices can bypass the adaptor, using a USB-B to USB-C cable. Do note this method disables the iPad charging, so keep an eye on battery levels! 

To connect to lightning port iOS Device (iPhone / Older iPad)

  • Connect speakers and headphones to Numark Party Mix
  • Launch djay app
  • Connect the Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter to iPhone/iPad
  • Plug iPad/iPhone charger into Camera Adapter
  • Connect Numark Party Mix to camera kit via supplied USB cable

To connect to USB-C Device (latest iPad Pro/ iPad Air)

  • Connect speakers and headphones to Numark Party Mix
  • Launch djay app
  • Connect USB hub to iPad
  • Plug the charging cable into the USB Hub
  • Connect Numark Party Mix to USB Hub via supplied cable

Getting started with Algoriddim DJAY

In this video, DJ Holland explains how to get started performing your first mix on Algoriddim DJAY. Learn how to stream music and to perform your first mix. Although this video doesn’t use a Numark Party Mix, the application’s basic navigation and managing the library inside DJAY still applies.

FREE DJ MUSIC PACK & Serato Tutorials

At the start of your journey as a DJ, one of the main things you will need is music! That’s why we have created a music pack specifically for DJs with extended edits of songs perfect for practising with. The music is exclusive, and better yet it’s free to download and mix with on your Numark Party Mix.

beginner dj lessons

Numark Party Mix DJ Lessons

Learn to DJ with our dedicated beginner DJ lessons for Serato DJ Lite.


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