FX Fade Tutorial – Pioneer DDJ SB3 – Serato DJ Lite

Serato DJ Lite

FX Fade Tutorial – Pioneer DDJ SB3 – Serato DJ Lite

What is the FX Fade pad mode?

One of the stand out features on the Pioneer DDJ SB3 controller is the FX Fade pad mode. This mode is really useful for any beginner DJ’s as it will help add some interesting transitions and effects to your mixes. In short, each of the 8 pads in the FX fade pad mode has a different automated effect or action applied to it. Lets get stuck into this DDJ SB3 tutorial…

How To Use FX Fade on Pioneer DDJ SB3

To activate just click the FX fade pad mode button. The 8 pads available perform the following actions:
Pad 1: Automated High Pass Filter – 2 Bars Long
Pad 2: Automated Low Pass Filter – 2 Bars Long
Pad 3: 1 Beat Loop Fade Out
Pad 4: Backspin – Short
Pad 5: Automated High Pass Filter – 4 Bars Long
Pad 6: Automated Low Pass Filter – 4 Bars Long
Pad 7: Automated Loop Chop – 4 Beats to 2 Beats to 1 Beat.
Pad 8: Backspin – Long

Just remember that you will need to toggle the button off again after the effect has finished. So make sure to turn the volume fader for that channel down if you’re using it at the end of a mix or transition.

FX Fade Video Tutorial

More Pioneer DDJ SB3 tutorials!

We have another DJ tutorial on the Pioneer DDJ SB3 for you. This tutorial is taken directly from our Beginner Online DJ Course for the DDJ SB3. You can take a sneak peek at the course as well as learn some new tips. Just click below to watch more!


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  1. KAZAA

    I got 3 course set to get better with my SB3 and literally learn scratching from the ground up. Thanks a lot for doing this seriously. Im getting better every day and the tutorials help AMAZINGLY! I took your advice and got a Mac Book Air it can handle the Serato lite and pro practicing everyday and night . You should do a video on which laptops to buy and talk about the air because its cheaper than the pro and does the same thing I don’t even need a cd slot because I download or upload everything. Thanks Again!!!

    Khalif “KAZAA” Lane


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