Free Beginner DJ Tutorial – Denon DJ Prime

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Free Beginner DJ Tutorial – Denon DJ Prime

Why phrasing is so essential when mixing!

In this free DJ tutorial taken from our Denon DJ Prime – Beginner DJ Course, you will learn to layer songs together in phrases. This instantly improves any transition as the two songs change together. While one song breaks down during the outro, the other song builds up through the intro and so on. Listen to how this works in action with songs from our exclusive Crossfader Music Pack (sign up here for the download).

You can test this technique and follow along with this tutorial after downloading the Crossfader Music Pack.

Video Tutorial

Denon DJ Prime – Beginner DJ Course

Our Beginner Online DJ Course for Denon DJ Prime users is the perfect way to get you started on your journey to becoming a confident DJ. We will teach you the core skills every DJ needs to master and have you mixing in no time.

Whether you’ve just opened the box to your new DJ equipment for the first time or wondering what music you should get started with, we’re here by your side. The course will get you ready to press play on your first mix and build your confidence and love for DJing one lesson at a time.

This course contains 30+ lessons in which you’ll learn:

Getting Started
We’ll show you how to plug in and get started on your equipment. We’ll also show you exactly where to download your music and DJ tools and how to use these in the course. Plus, we’ll import & organise your music library using Engine Prime. You’ll also learn how to correct any grid issues in your music library.

Hardware Basics
Learn how to navigate and use the basic features of your DJ hardware, such as the onboard display, jog wheels, cue buttons and more.

Music Theory
We will teach you how to understand beats, phrasing, and timing in your music, which is essential to mix music accurately.

Beat Matching
No waveforms, no beat counters and no sync. Here we will help you master the art of beat matching with only your ears, a skill all DJs should learn when starting. We will give you all the theory, tools and techniques you need to master this.

It’s time to put all the theory and techniques you’ve learned together to start mixing tracks. We’ll show you where and when to mix in and out, how to use EQ’s and filters, plus a few tricks to make your mix sound clean!

Ready to get started? Just check out the course page below:


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  1. Aaron

    I was hoping that this was related to the Denon MCX 8000, that’s what I have and need beginner’s info


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