Drum & Bass – Beginner to Pro Tutorial – (Looping & Mixing)


Drum & Bass – Beginner to Pro Tutorial – (Looping & Mixing)

Master the Art of D&B DJing with Our Exclusive Free Lessons!

If you’re starting out, a fundamental skill you must know is when to mix in and out!

D&B is a high-energy, fast-paced genre, so we must nail this skill before moving on.

This lesson from our Drum & Bass Beginner DJ Course will show you how and where to mix in and out.

When to mix in & out of Drum & Bass

Now, let’s take it up a level!

Looping is where things get interesting! It’s a fundamental part of DJing and sounds incredible, especially with drum & bass.

Looping can extend a long blend, add tension to a huge drop, bring in new track elements, and much more.

Let’s take a sneak peek inside our Drum & Bass Pro DJ Course for some looping inspiration!

Live Looping with D&B

Master the art of Drum & Bass Mixing!

If you’ve found this tutorial useful, our dedicated D&B courses can fast-track your success as a DJ!

The Drum & Bass Beginner DJ Course is perfect for getting up and running and learning all you need to know to mix confidently.

The Drum & Bass Pro DJ Course kicks things up a notch and walks you through more advanced features so you can sound like a pro mixing on flagship club gear!

Grab both courses for a 20% discount!

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