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Denon DJ Update Engine Prime

Denon DJ Engine Prime 1.5.0 Guide

Engine Prime, the preparation software for use with Denon DJ’s prime series of players has just been updated to version 1.5.0. This update brings with it a whole host of new features and improvements to the software. In this guide we take a look at the most notable additions and improvements coming to all Engine Prime users.

Updated BPM Analysis

The algorithms that detect the BPM and set the all important beat grids have been rewritten in version 1.5.0. This means users can expect more accurate detection of the BPM and down beat which was a long standing issue with previous versions.

To take full advantage of this new algorithm DJ’s need to reanalyse their library. This can be done by highlighting tracks inside the collection. Once highlighted, right click and select Re-Analyze Tracks.

Denon DJ Engine Prime BPM Analysis

Sync Manager

A much requested feature, this update finally brings with it a dedicated sync manager. This window manages syncing the playlists and library within Engine Prime with an external disc for playback on Prime series players.

Located in the bottom left of the software, this window displays the softwares library on the left and the contents of the selected media device on the right. Selected tracks or playlists can then be synced between the two devices. The ability to drag tracks and playlists onto the external device within the Prime library still remains.

Denon DJ Engine Prime V1.5.0 Sync Manager

Preview Column

The new preview column inside Engine Prime allows the user to view the waveform of the track without loading it into the virtual deck. The preview column also displays any hot cues that have been placed on the track. Finally, the user can click anywhere within the preview column to hear the track playback from that point. A great time saving feature when organising libraries with more than one version of a track.

Denon Engine Prime Preview

Batch Edit

Another great time saving change to the library is the new batch editor. The batch editor allows the user to quickly change the metadata on selected tracks. Simply highlight the tracks that require changing and edit one field. Engine Prime will warn the user of changing numerous fields at once, allowing the user to go ahead or cancel the changes. This tool is ideal for changing fields such as Genre in bulk, saving time and hassle.

Denon Engine Prime Batch Update

Library Backup and Restore

The data behind your Engine Prime library can now be backed up from within the preferences. The backup is created into the Music folder on the computer, this can be safely stored elsewhere or used to recover a damaged library. The restore option is also found in the music folder and will return the library to the last saved state.

Denon Engine Prime Library Backup

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