Crossfader Announces Charity Scheme

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Crossfader Announces Charity Scheme

Crossfader Announces Monthly Charity Donations and Shift To Carbon Neutrality

At the beginning of 2021, we discussed our values as a company and how we want to continue to make a positive impact using our platform.⁠

This year we are delighted to announce that not only are we striving to make Crossfader a carbon-neutral company, but we will also be donating to charities we feel a connection to in hope to make a small change to help those in need.⁠

Crossfader is pledging to donate 5% of our profits in 2021, and each month we will select a fantastic charity to donate.⁠

Crossfader Carbon Offset

As well as donating to some amazing charities, we hope to inspire other companies and brands to do the same. ⁠

To our Crossfader community, if you feel you can spare anything at all in these difficult times, we will be linking the chosen charities across all of our platform.⁠

This month we have chosen Help Musicians. Providing support for musicians who need it most.⁠

You can click here to monitor our progress offsetting our carbon footprint. You can even donate and help us plant more tree’s!

Together we hope to make a real difference in 2021!

Thank You⁠,


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