CDJ Masterclass Sneak Peek


CDJ Masterclass Sneak Peek

Moving From Controller to CDJs

We know how daunting it can feel when you get booked for your first club gig! Moving from a controller in your bedroom to playing on CDJs is a hard transition. What if they’re not connected properly? Do you know how to get your music into them? Where are the loop settings? What if something goes wrong?

Click below to watch Holland walk you through moving from a controller to a CDJ, including what features you need to know about and how they differ from a controller.

CDJ Tutorial

What’s inside the CDJ course?

This course contains over 30 lessons in which you’ll learn:

▪️Getting Prepared – What To Carry to Any Gig
▪️Formatting USB/SD Card
▪️Exporting Music To USB
▪️How To Set Up CDJs & DJM Mixer
▪️How To Connect A DJ Controller To A Clubs Mixer
▪️Using CDJ’s in HID Mode
▪️Rekordbox HID DJ Lesson
▪️Serato DJ HID Lesson
▪️Traktor HID DJ Lesson
▪️Virtual DJ HID Lesson
▪️Algoriddim DJAY HID Lesson
▪️Performing Your First B2B DJ Set
▪️Using Pro DJ Link
▪️CDJ Walkthrough – Browse Section
▪️CDJ Walkthrough – Performance Controls
▪️DJM Walkthrough – Channels, Inputs & Outputs
▪️Level Controls – Gain Structure And Channel Faders
▪️DJM Walkthrough – Headphone Cueing
▪️DJM Walkthrough – Microphone
▪️DJM Walkthrough – Mixer Effects
▪️DJM Walkthrough – Advanced Settings
▪️Updating Firmware
▪️CDJ Settings
▪️Moving From Controllers To CDJ’s
▪️How To Practice On Controllers To Play On CDJ’s
▪️Fault Finding
▪️How to DJ With Just One Deck
▪️MIDI Mapping Your Mixer For Extra Functions

To learn more and watch a full overview video, just click below!


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