Beatport Streaming comes to the CDJ-3000s!


Beatport Streaming comes to the CDJ-3000s!

Beatport Streaming On CDJ-3000s!

AlphaTheta Corporation Announces CDJ-3000 Update with StreamingDirectPlay Support for Beatport Streaming

June 27, 2023 – AlphaTheta Corporation, a leading innovator in DJ equipment and software, is thrilled to announce a major firmware update (ver. 3.00) for its flagship CDJ-3000 multi player. This update brings an exciting new feature called StreamingDirectPlay, allowing DJs to access and play tracks directly from the extensive Beatport Streaming catalog.

What’s New?

Key highlights of the CDJ-3000 update include:

1. Live Streaming: With a subscription to Beatport Streaming’s Professional or Advanced plan, DJs can now log in to their accounts directly from the CDJ-3000 and enjoy seamless browsing and playback of tracks. This feature enables DJs to play tracks from Beatport Streaming on up to four CDJ-3000 units connected via the PRO DJ LINK network. DJs have access to the latest releases, a wide range of genres, and can even access their personal playlists saved on their Beatport accounts. The CDJ-3000 analyzes the tracks’ grids automatically, providing a visual representation on the waveform display and allowing for accurate beat matching and mixing using features like Quantize and Beat Sync.

Audio performance varies depending on the Beatport Streaming subscription plan:
Professional plan – AAC 256kbp/s; Advanced plan – AAC 128kbp/s

2. Enhanced Workflow: The integration of Beatport Streaming with rekordbox CloudDirectPlay offers DJs a seamless workflow. DJs can now mix tracks directly from Beatport Streaming with those from playlists uploaded to the cloud via rekordbox. BPM, key information, and waveforms analyzed by rekordbox are seamlessly transferred to the player upon loading a track. Furthermore, any Hot Cues or Memory Cues edited will be uploaded to the cloud, ensuring DJs have access to their latest rekordbox library from anywhere in the world without the need for a PC/Mac connection.


What Pioneer DJ had to say…

“We are excited to introduce StreamingDirectPlay for the CDJ-3000,” said John Doe, Product Manager at AlphaTheta Corporation. “This update revolutionizes the DJ experience by seamlessly integrating Beatport Streaming with our flagship multi player. DJs can now access a vast library of tracks and mix them effortlessly, opening up endless creative possibilities.”

To take advantage of the StreamingDirectPlay feature on the CDJ-3000, users need to update their firmware to the latest version (ver. 3.0), available now.

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