Hip Hop Mix Breakdown & Tutorial

DJ Tutorial

Hip Hop Mix Breakdown & Tutorial

Learn how to DJ with Hip Hop

Scratching, wordplay and fast cuts are just a handful of mixing techniques used regularly in hip hop DJ sets. Lawrence James has put together a creative hip hop mix taken from his regular club DJ sets so you can get an idea of how to perform with hip hop in a club environment. After watching the performance, dive deep with Lawrence; he explains his thought process, music preparation, and mixing techniques in this in-depth tutorial video. If you’re interested in learning a wide range of new creative mixing techniques and how to perform in this way, check out our DJ Hub here.

Hip Hop DJ Performance

Performance Breakdown

Learn about all the techniques that went into this performance and, more importantly, the thinking behind each transition. You can find many more videos like this inside our DJ Hub.

What is an ‘intro version’?

Most DJ record pools such as BPM Supreme have created versions of most songs to make them much more helpful to DJs. Having an intro at the start of your hip hop music makes mixing these songs much more accessible. We recommend checking out BPM Supreme if you want to incorporate lots of hip hop.

Ready to see more mix breakdowns?

Come behind the scenes inside our DJ Hub and learn how to plan your next mix; watch as our pro tutors break down their mixes and other pro DJ mixes. This area gets updated every week with new advanced DJ tutorials, tech hacks and more. We even have a dedicated iOS app to take your learning on the move!

Need to master the basics?

We have a dedicated genre specific course for hip hop DJs. Learn how to mix your favourite artists such as Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Cardi B, Dr Dre & more! This course, with over 35 video tutorials is perfect for anybody just starting out with their equipment and a love for hip hop music.

Also, here is a range of our best selling online DJ courses, specifically for different platforms such as Rekordbox, Serato DJ & Traktor, and creative mixing courses.

Inside these DJ courses, you will learn to master your equipment and software. Learn about all the performance features and effects, plus how to perform seamless mixes. After the courses, you can follow on to our DJ Hub for advanced tutorials and mix breakdowns like in this video. We have a dedicated iOS app, too, so you can take your learning on the move and even watch the lessons inside our courses in offline mode.


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  1. Frez

    Where can we buy the Monster acap ?

  2. stephensarrouf

    Phenomenal Mix! Just one question, where do you get the songs with the extended intros like Godzilla, because the original song does not have that extended beat intro.

    • Holland

      We source our tracks from DJCity and BPM Supreme record pools. Hope this helps!

  3. mrsharps

    AWESOME tutorial! I techniques for all of the transitions make sense. But what I don’t get is, when you go to perform the mix, have you memorized all of the transitions or are you doing it off of sound/feel in the moment?

    • Holland

      Can be a bit of both. After performing certain tracks for a while you gain a knowledge of how each track can fit together and then experiment a little to find the perfect blend!

  4. wemamix

    Love the mix! Love the tutorial. I am literally one level up on skill level. Thank you so much!


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