Holland Headshot

Hi Guys, I’m Holland!

My story began back when I turned 18, visiting clubs for the first time
and falling in love with the nightlife scene. I’ve always been musically
minded, from a young age I played guitar and drums, even ended up a
singer in my teenage year in some pretty average bands! When I first
started visiting clubs, seeing thousands of people out raving away on
packed dance floors, I was absolutely hooked! I had to be part of this

I ended up getting a job my local nightclub and from there worked my way
up, from handing flyers out on the street to being part of the club’s
management team. In that time I was lucky enough to be taught to DJ by
the Saturday night resident, taking over his residency in the main room
within two years of starting when he moved on to become a full time

I’ve been a full time DJ now for around 6 years. In that time I’ve
worked up and down the country for some amazing brands. I’m very
fortunate to hold 5 residencies in some of the North’s best night clubs
and I made my break into the festival scene this year playing at Leeds
Festival on the Piccadilly Party stage!

Being a self confessed geek, the opportunity to work at Crossfader is a
dream come true. I hope my experience in the club scene combined with my
love of cutting edge technology will help you all with your own DJ