Danny James

Danny James

Hey I’m Danny!

My story started at the age of 14, I was constantly listening to music. I remember pretty much every day in high school the first thing I would do on a morning is go show all my friends the music I had found the night before, I used to get such a buzz from it!

Around this time the Dubstep scene was just starting to rise from the underground into the mainstream with the likes of Skrillex & Nero to name a few. Before Dubstep I had never really listened to any kind of electronic music, I was very much into Rock & Metal and it wasn’t until I bought an album by The Prodigy which bridged that gap of rock and electronic that I decided to look further into other similar genres.

When I was younger I would always be planning in my head what song I was going to play next on my iPod, I started doing this more and more when I started building a collection of Dubstep, doing this led me to download a DJ software that would let me seamlessly go from one song to another without any pauses. Just from that I was instantly hooked.

Every night I would be experimenting with different ways of going from one song to another and I loved doing it.

Fast forward a few months I asked my parents for a cheap DJ controller for Christmas, with this I learnt to beat match and started making my first mixtapes which I would burn to CDs and give to my friends. This is the time I knew I wanted to be a DJ.

I would do house parties & birthdays on the weekends from one of these parties I got my first residency, it was only at a small local bar but for starting out it was great. It taught me how to play to a crowd and because I couldn’t just play electronic music it helped me build a wider music collection.

Around the age of 17 I decided to upload my own mixes online and I sent them to a few local DJs and promoters to try get a little feedback, this led onto me meeting a load of new people and getting my first real club bookings. I made a list of the kind of gigs I wanted to do / the goals I wanted to achieve and worked towards them.

Since then I have been super focused on how to make a career out of being a DJ. I am very fortunate and grateful to have been doing this full time for the past 4 years. I now currently have multiple weekly residencies in Leeds.